Thursday, July 03, 2014

Gem's of Opportunity: My Past Environmental Commentary & Concepts For Review

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In light of my recent Environmental Industrial Concept: Maritime Recycling Ships Reclaiming Human Garbage in the World Ocean Gyre's (Link) just a few days ago. I thought why not showcase highlights some of my more notable past environmental topics from "Atrayo's Oracle". Since this blog site lacks a proper index function by topic. Sorry about that I try to use the auxiliary functions to get around that in order to search this blog site by calender period and word searches. 

So to facilitate this rehashing here is a unique original perspective asking has the middle 20th century above ground nuclear weapons testing. (That number is 504, according to Wikipedia) Conducted by various nations from the old: Soviet Union, China, France, Great Britain, and predominantly the United States. Contributed to Global Warming as we're experiencing it today? Here's the link on that Environmental Commentary: Has Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Contributed To Global Warming?

Back on August 3rd, 2007 on this blog site I shared a brief concept called Water Supply Concept: Purifying Monsoon / Flood Waters (Link) Takes the concept of again retrofitted Oil Tanker ships like the most recent one of a few days ago. Whereby the deluge of monsoon waters in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan can be diverted with some infrastructure improvements. Not to necessarily direct it out into the open ocean but into a pipeline aqueduct system. Where the off-shore retrofitted oil tankers fills up with polluted monsoon flood waters. Taking the commodity for resale to a country in need whilst in transit the filthy monsoon waters gets purified into potable drinking water.

A couple of years later I came up with another concept on April 23rd, 2009 called the Environmental Group Concept: Landfill Combers (Link). Basically comes down to a Second Chance, Last Opportunity of trained personnel wearing appropriate protective clothing. Going through a municipal landfill as a last chance crew removing any missed recyclable items that shouldn't be in the garbage heap. Be it electronics, certain chemicals, plastics, metals, etc... Although the decomposition of waste in landfills is leading to the production of natural gas over time. Best to have trained professionals, volunteers, or misdemeanor offenders working off their community service reclaim what can be salvaged overall.

Later on that year on December 8th, 2009 I came up with Debris Reclamation Recycling Concept: Maritime Wreckers (Link). Isn't at all too unlike the recent Maritime Recycler concept I just offered for June 29th, 2014. I seem to like retrofitted oil super tankers having a multi-purpose mission. Of salvaging excess goods that would otherwise end up in landfills. In this case it would be after a Natural Disaster all that salvageable waste is good money for resale in bulk. Meaning after its sorted and stripped down to its base components at a recycling plant on board a retrofitted super oil tanker. For example of a fleet of leased construction truck haulers eases the burden of the local municipal waste department. Instead of taking the bulk of destroyed buildings after a natural disaster into the local landfill if not worse dumped into the wilderness. It's trucked to a nearby industrial port where its loaded onto a Maritime Wrecker for processing whilst it is in transit.

I have a slew of other concepts throughout this blog site just hiding like unique Easter Eggs. That I wouldn't have the space to mention in this entry. For example in the inaugural year back on November 17th, 2005. I offered a unique concept that is probably decades ahead of its time. Perhaps so unique that it would be controversial to put into practice today. That being Residential Homes Concept: Burrow Homes In Tornado Alley USA (Link). Explaining those living in Tornado prone regions have a literal Death Wish building their House of Cards above ground. Why not strike a compromise of a main residential dwelling built near the surface similar to a concrete shelter bunker. With a retractable ramp door allowing vehicles to easily enter and exit. The front door is like taking a flight of stairs downward not unlike those 1950's bunkers in old New York City apartment building complexes. It's more common sense than a tragedy in the making across the central U.S. States.

I hope you enjoyed this rehash of past environmental related topics here at "Atrayo's Oracle" over these past 9 years. Mayhaps I'll start this as a segment on other repeatable topics I've explored as well in the years to come. I hope you've found them intriguing as I have in working them out as a past time. 

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