Thursday, November 17, 2005

Residential Homes Concept: Burrow Homes In Tornado Alley USA

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Recently in the US news there has been a few freak tornado touch downs killing residents. Besides the customary destruction of property like toy building blocks being scattered to the winds literally.

Humanity has a nasty habit or a death wish to habitat areas that are inherently fraught with peril. Than we go "ooo ahhh" when unfortunately such vicinities get mowed down by mother nature. This is not to say we have not learned from such disasters to make stronger housing construction. But we rebuild in those same areas usually as a "double dare" to mother nature.

What I propose is radical and innovative in approach to have residential dwellings buried in the ground much like the tornado shelters are presently. Present tornado shelters are usually concrete block burrowed into the ground akin to a basement. However they have a storm shutter clasp shut entrance doorway, possibly made of: steel, aluminum or wood.

Taking this preliminary model and converting a residential structure to be below ground. With either a hydraulic ramp for vehicle entry way with a sliding shut screen much like a garage door over the entire property. (permitting proper ventilation) There is also a ramp like walkway to the surface from the homes front door.

Currently typical homes that are fitted with a "Geothermal" system to reduce heating and cooling costs year round. Which is a couple of shafts by a home and underneath it. Where during the summer the dug out shafts help cool the home without need of an AC. Or heat the home during the winter again without the need of a central or detached heating system. (much less heating oil)

So these burrow homes in tornado alley USA would have green energy savings built into the structure using geothermal technology. The garage door like screen that secures the home can also be fitted with solar panels to further reduce residential electricity usage.

These "burrow homes" would be moreso accessible than those present day bunker capsulated tanks that are pre-built and dug into an existing property as an emergency personal shelter. Since the burrow home is beneath the ground with sufficient room for a family vehicle or two. Including perhaps a multi-level property and an inverted building into the ground for the more affluent.

A Burrow Home is ideal when tornado season is in full swing. So if God forbid a tornado strikes all properties struck above ground become match sticks. A Burrow Home may have it's covering screen sucked out possibly if it isn't anchored or angled sufficiently. But I suspect the rest of the buried property should be safe and sound.

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