Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gems of Opportunity: Environmental Group Concept: "Landfill Combers"

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Many of us may know of those volunteers such as school groups or otherwise that clean beaches and other coastal waters of discarded trash. So as to help the local environment recover and heal whenever possible.

What I'm recommending is a twist on such an environmental group organization that already exists for coastal water ways. To have something similar to those in 3rd world nations that are impoverished that look for salvage from landfills. In this case, however, to have trained volunteers wearing protective equipment. Which can consist of leather industrial gloves, surgical plastic visors, and masks so as not to become contaminated on-site.

Such volunteers will be looking for all recyclable goods that still ended up in the trash landfill. Including secondary items such as discarded electronics that will not have the chance to leech any dangerous chemicals back into the landfill environment.

These volunteers can be from an environmental group or those required to fulfill community service hours due to some misdemeanor offense. Of course, such a non-profit group will need to work through the proper channels. So as to obtain municipal permissions so as to conduct their recovery work for the environment itself.

Although it will never be the unrealistic goal for such a group to reclaim everything that is in a discarded landfill. That can be salvaged be it: paper goods, glass, plastics, metals such as aluminum. But to be a last chance crew of volunteers to salvage what otherwise would be lost in the recycling process for a city or county municipality.

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