Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sci-Fi Movie Concept: "The Garden of Eden Discovered"

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From time to time I enjoy indulging myself with concepts related to the entertainment media. This concept entry is no different where by I'll be delving into a science-fiction movie platform that is borderline Biblical and Meta-Physical in nature.

As explained below here is the summary abstract for such a movie:

In the later 21st century both technologists and theologians will seek out the entrance to "The Garden of Eden" from the Torah, Bible, and the Quran. (including Apocrypha writings) Where according to the Biblical "Book of Genesis" chapter two it is guarded by Angels.

Leading such an expedition will be a biblical archaeologist in the same vein of "Indiana Jones", but with a Sci-Fi Twist. Secondary expedition members can consist of a comic-sidekick, brainy technologist, and a trusted loyal friend. (Similar to the away team formula used in the Star Gate SG-1 Tv series)

The Garden of Eden was / is at the mouth / source (base) of 4 rivers. That being the Euphrates, Tigris, Pison, and Gabon which the latter two rivers have long since disappeared. However according to a satellite in Geo-Synchronous Orbit the dried out river canals of the Pison and Gabon rivers will be discovered. (The History Channel recently televised on their cable Tv series "Decoding The Past". The discovery of the rivers of Pison & Gabon from a decommissioned CIA satellite Image)

Placing the "Garden of Eden" what is today in the "Persian Gulf". Similar to how the Mediterranean Ocean was formed by the collapse of a mountain ridge line bordering a large ocean. Causing a Tsunami effect and infilling a basin in a matter of Hours if not Days.

The intrepid explorers will first search by land in and around what was Ancient Babylon (modern day Iraq). All the while looking for clues leading them through out past known sites and ones yet undiscovered. Where finally they discover that the entrance to the "Garden of Eden" is within the "Persian Gulf" itself. In the depths underwater seeking a dimensional gateway guarded by Angels.

During the course of the movie plot line we'll discover more character background to our hero. The Biblical archaeologist was a former Vatican Priest where he left the Priesthood due to his obsession of locating the "Garden of Eden". His purpose is in finding the "Tree of Life" fabled to have been within the "Garden of Eden". His reason isn't his alone but driven by desperation led by the one remaining world government in the latter 21st century. Humanity is near extinction due to a global pandemic threatening not only humanity but all animal, flora, insect creatures on Earth itself.

The "Tree of Life" would be the universal cure all to all ailments plagued by mortality. Once the expedition discovers the underwater dimension gateway to the "Garden of Eden". Thus the hero must pass the virtuous test similar to the pursuit of "The Holy Grail". That only the "Pure of Heart" may pass, but will they ever return? Due to the fact of encountering a Physical landscape that would be the equivalent of Heaven on Earth. There is also the meta-physical and ethical struggle of unleashing the "Tree of Life" serum on the world. Making everything from Humans, animals, insects, and flora Immortal.

What will be the outcome?


This sci-fi movie proposal would be excellent if broken up into a trilogy series. Creating a epic tale similar to J.R.R. Tolkeins "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy shot in New Zealand. Actually New Zealand can be the emphasis of the "Garden of Eden" within the movie. Where Ancient Babylon can be shot in present day Iraq offering much needed revenue to their current country.

Food for thought.

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