Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Environmental Protection Concept: "Climate Change Technology"

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We as humanity have become more so sensitive to the negative impacts we're having on the collective environment. Be it on an industrial scale or further afield to the more mundane actions we take in our everyday lives. Cross- disciplinary scientists are starting to sound like a chorus trying to awake us from our fantasy world bubble of environmental ignorance. Power structures are entrenched to such a degree they would rather be wealthy and the rest of the world be damned. Short sighted greed leads to other unintended consequences but that isn't the topic at hand today.

Many of us have heard of the science fiction term of "Terra Forming". Whereby planetary engineering is conducted to alter the climate of a planet lets say "Mars" in our solar system. Well inadvertently we as humanity have recklessly terra formed our home world by mistake. Releasing "Green House Gases" to create an eventual botanical world not seen on Earth since the age of the dinosaurs. My opinion we as humanity have hit the fast forward button by mistake accelerating natural processes. By releasing all these fossil fuels into the environment with our global emissions. 

My concept today is a hand brake of sorts to slow down a runaway street car named chaos. The street car can't be stopped that train has already left the station long ago. However we can slow it down so when it hits a future human generation on Earth after we're all dead and buried. It won't be a tragic nightmare for them as a testament of our compassion for our progeny and the Earth itself.

Thus my concept is to utilize one of 3 functioning obelisks or pillar like structures to synthesize natural processes in our favor. If humanity has for decades if not a century terra formed the Earth by mistake. We can for a century if not longer terra form the Earth to a more sustainable environment or so goes the hypothesis. Each of these 3 types of obelisk structure will have one of three functions in helping to alleviate the damage to the meta environment at large.

The first obelisk will be based on land to act akin to dozen tree's in the environment they're placed within. Perhaps situated mostly in industrial complexes or in neighborhoods where environmental racism is most prevalent. (ie Environmental racism is when sticking vast industries with toxic emissions next to impoverished ghettoized neighborhoods.) Such a "Climate Change Obelisk" structure will filter out Co2 carbon dioxide emissions from industry at or around ground level. Including secondary industrial pollutants in the local breathable environment. And like a tree emit back into the air natural breathable oxygen or O2.

Such an obelisk station will have a sensor array package so as to act like a gas scrubber. It'll be self-powered to a degree with a solar panel type of exterior reflective skin on its top half. The sensors will wireless transmit back to a regional headquarters to crunch the data. In order to generate scientific reports to local, regional, national, and international climate scientists and meteorologists. The local Tv news channel meteorologist will want this information so as to give an air quality index report. Massive global cities like in Beijing, China; Mexico City, Mexico; Tehran, Iran; and Atlanta, Georgia USA as burgeoning human populace urban centers. With declining air quality will need such a technology suite yesterday.

Every region where these arbor like obelisks are deployed in a grid like pattern for hot spot air quality scrubbers of Co2 back into O2. Will be like a super sized indoor air filter, however in this case the pillar will have a self-cleaning filter of its own. To minimize trips on maintenance overall from technicians. Although inspections would still occur like a utility company would for its own assets in the field. The obelisks can be a generic color or for cultural upliftment have a mural like pattern design skinned onto them. As long as it doesn't block the solar panel skin and exterior sensors including the air ducts.

The second obelisk pillar will be put out to sea around Coral Reef formations. To act akin to a temperature inverter since we all hear about how coral reefs globally are getting warmer. The effect of such a consequence is they're getting bleached and dying off. These under the sea pillar obelisks will be situated like fixed fence posts surrounding a coral reef formation. Pointed towards the coral reef in a grid like perimeter using real time sensors to drop the warmer temperatures by cooling a coral reef. Since coral reefs help sustain local fishery populations acting like underwater nurseries to a degree. In this case in partnership with marine biologists using strict controls of a coral reef with this climate change technology suite and another without. It can be tested with an in field coral reef if such a mechanism is viable for a mass scale deployment along coastal regions with reefs. Perhaps even island chains in the Caribbean or Pacific island nations where tourists visit.

This structure will have similar ducts like the land based arbor variant. However for emitting like a slight refrigeration in cooling the coral reefs. Not to hard or too soft but to get the temperature just right like Goldilocks porridge. The under the sea obelisk will either have kinetic flaps in order to generate electricity. So as to power the structure from undersea water currents. If not cabling can be buried along the perimeter fencing posts to an ocean surface buoy. Where the buoy can transmit wireless data points as to how well the coral reefs are doing. The buoy can also have a solar panel array to power the obelisks to a degree if such a mechanism is viable with the cabling system. Underwater cameras can also be fixed to the pillars to gauge the overall progress on the coral reefs health. Over time the coral reef may attach itself to the obelisk as an artificial substrate, minus the cooling ducts. Diver technicians would be the ones on a quarterly basis if not for longer periods would clear away any obstructions manually if needed.

The third obelisk pillar structure would be placed in coastal waterway inlets. Typically where recreational boaters would frequent these obelisks would replace some of these longer standing wood pylons. That are pounded into the waterway to act as coastal markers. This variant would like a wood pylon be half exposed so as to continue to function as a auxiliary inlet waterway marker. However its main mission would be to clean the waterways of man made run off pollution such as nitrogen. When a rain storm occurs on land all the nitrogen rich lawn chemicals end up in the local sewage drainage system. Which in turn eventually makes its way into your local inlets and out to sea. Why this matters is it creates terrible algae blooms known as "Red Tide". Such a coastal algae boom when it occurs causes respiratory health hazards when it causes a die off of local coastal fishery stocks. That wash up on the beaches and elsewhere along marina's. So if your in a tourist hot spot industry its an instant economic dollar buzz kill to the local economy.

This obelisk would filter out any pollutants that would eventually end up out in the sea. It would also be self-cleaning in regards to its own filtration system. The upper portion of the obelisk pylon would have a solar array panel in order to power itself. If a harsh storm approaches the regional headquarters can issue a wireless transmitted command to stow away its solar panel and antenna array. Until either its battery power cells is low on energy or at a designated day and hour to reemerge. The sensor package would collect metric data points of what type of pollutants are encountered and which ones have been scrubbed or filtered out. The types of pollutants, the volume encountered and removed, and any other pertinent information it can transmit for climate scientists to crunch the data.

These three types of climate change technology structures can be a first in a series. For giving humanity solutions to mitigate environmental damage that was caused by industry. Besides other careless practices such as burning the Amazon forest by peasant farmers burdened by economic factors. Our consumer products like water and air filtration systems have been sold at retail for around a couple of decades. Its about the right time to give mother earth a similar mechanism to help humanity alleviate the ignorant harm we've committed.

This isn't a free pass for industry to go ahead and pollute even more. It is an expansion on an industrial scale to revert if not slow down damage to the air and water on the Earth itself. Be it in local cities down to the remote portions of aquatic eco-systems in hopes to preserve for future generations these ecological resources.

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