Sunday, August 03, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Go Now With God To Do Beautiful Things"

Hello All,

Aside from the turmoil those of us here in the rest of the world are witnessing in conflict zones. There is little that the commoner can do but give moral support and our prayers. That the "Will of God" will prevail for those that choose to listen to their inborn divinity instead. Versus promoting fear, hatred, the politics of injustice, and consolidating their hold on power. Nationalism seems to be trumping human dignity because the old adage of Might Makes Right seems to be in effect right now.

I rather stand for those aspects of our collective being that promote a spiritual love, life, and a holy light. Not because I'm an ostrich hiding from this chaotic savage world. But to mimic the fine examples of the masters of every benevolent faith that set the bar high. So instead of condemning the ones I deem are misguided out of duty to protect their fellow countrymen. I choose a subtler path laid out with wisdom versus angry or revenge under the guise of security or preserving the status quo of nations.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of Initiative. How we dream of a better tomorrow that remains idle wishy washy nonsense. Albeit we sometimes want it some than life itself but we do not act out of paralyzing fear. A fear more superstitious than real that we have empowered with bull shit. Name your poison of "what ifs" or "what will they say or think" or the buzz kill "I can't afford it". This statement is #1757 in the series written in early July last month.

May it speak to you those that find solace in sharing your dreams with God. Having faith give you strength to sometimes surprise yourself that what you thought couldn't be, actually is possible.



1757)  Any worthy venture start it now! No matter if you feel ill prepared for the complete scope of the task ahead. Prepare reasonably, but do not falter with vain excuses. Pinning away for a lie of a future tomorrow that never actually arrives. That form of denial has cost humanity so much progress as a civilization. Where bright souls defeat themselves before the world gets to marvel at their own version of genius. Dear one it is an error to believe in such a stalling tactic of the dysfunctional ego. It is fear speaking to you. Simply undo it be offering yourself compassion followed by action in baby steps if need be in principle.

No one can have everything they want out of life simultaneously at the same time. That is for the celestial gods, we as mortals must wait in intervals for such a joy. Begin now at 10% as you live your joy or passion filled with promise. The next juncture of 10% of what you need will appear by grace over the time of your concerted efforts. A life lived like such will reveal to you that you have experienced a 110% overall. Looking back at your progress will reveal your partnership with the divine "Holy Spirit"  by your side all the way. Live richly in spirit with such a blessed conviction based on such a beautiful truth. In order that you may be free to live the glory of God only you can experience in this one lifetime of yours. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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