Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Political Campaigning Regulation Concept: "Classifying Mud Slinging Political Attack Advertisments as Hate Speech"

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Right now a week from today at least here in my State of Florida we're having on August 26th our governor primary election. Aside from the State Attorney General and/or local municipal public elected offices up for grabs. Back in December 2nd 2009 here at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site. I posted a "Gem of Opportunity" concept called the "Governance Concept: Separation of Corporation and State" (Link).

It was regarding how our elected officials in public office spend at least a 3rd of their time chasing after political donors. Especially the sky rocket prohibitive costs of running in television, radio, Internet, direct mail, robo phone calls, etc... media political spots. That former concept of mine in Dec. 2009 was to utilize Eminent Domain of such national and regional State airwaves. Removing the broadcasting costs to politicians running for elected office. Where those economic costs would be redistributed to the public relations and advertising agencies instead as creators of such adverts. 

However today's concept now 5 years later piggy backs onto such a multimedia direct to voter audience practices. By politicians themselves and their political action committees (PACs) under their influence or from out of State actors beyond their control. If one didn't know it the much lauded First Amendment Constitutional Right of Free Speech from the American government Does Not Protect Certain Forms of Hate Speech. (ie Terroristic Threats, Fighting Words, Electronic Communication Harassment, etc..) Constitutioncenter.org Regarding Hate Speech (Link)

This political campaigning governance regulation concept is to curtail hateful political attack advertisements wherever they are found. Be they such as innuendo's, misquoted statements, half truths, misinformation or disinformation, character assassination, and just plain dirty lies. This form of political election campaigning as a form of Propaganda. Has reached an ugly art form starting nearly 50 years ago with the famous Nixon era Presidential election national television ad spot with a detonation of a nuclear bomb as a little girl is picking flowers.

Why I'm I so aghast at such a political election form of campaigning because I see it as a corrosive public psychological acid. Where voter apathy and disgust with our publicly elected or appointed officials in government has reached all time highs. What this permits is political advertisement agencies to use proven psychological warfare often employed or developed by the military historically speaking. Hurray! Political attack ads have the desired effect of turning away from the voting booth someone of an opposing viewpoint or opinion. This becomes a vicious loop of a successful short term victory at the ballot box but a notorious dilemma to our democratic constitutional representative republic.

Now besides allowing dodgy political candidates into public office with cutting edge minor victories at the ballot box. This can have a disastrous effect upon radicalizing unstable citizens in terms of mental health issues. What comes to mind is the 2011 Tucson, Arizona campaign shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Wikipedia.org 2011 Tucson Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords (Link) She was campaigning at an open air parking lot of a strip mall where a lone deranged gunman opened fire on her and those attending. Lady Giffords survived but suffered with a brain injury that took months of rehabilitation impeding her speech functions. With six others dying including a federal district court chief judge, a staffer, and a nine year old girl.

So now consider radicalized disaffected citizens with a militant disposition anger at our society. With disgusting political attack ads becoming the trigger for someone going postal in rage. Targeting another government official in full swing of campaigning in their local district. Now your starting to get the picture what I foresee occurring in the years to come if such political mud slinging degenerates further. Right now as of August 12th 2014 our national Congressional approval rating is at historical lows of 14% on average. Reported by Gallup.com (Link) With U.S. President Obama reaching new lows in approval as well at 41% as of June 24th 2014. Obama Gallup Polling (Link)

What I propose during a functional Congressional session rather than this low hanging fruit legislators Federally speaking. Is that partial to full comprehensive regulations be imposed with mostly punitive fines under the auspices of hate speech. If criminal charges are included which I highly doubt then add Treason to the mixture. Causing a whole jeopardy to our American electoral processes in swaying or otherwise brainwashing voters with those aforementioned political hate speech. This includes all current forms of advertising or any future technological ones. (ie Television, Radio, Internet, Social Media, Mobile Phones, Robo (Automated) Phone Calls, Direct Mail pieces, Bill Boards, Posters / Flyers, etc...) If the United States government can call to the mat internationally countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for hate filled Madaras (Islamic Religious Schools). Then look at its own hypocrisy with these 50 years plus of vicious political media spot attack advertising.

I suggest the entire pipeline from Political candidates, public relation consultants, advertising agencies, political action committees (PACs), lobbyists, activists, broadcasters, etc... All have their feet held to the fire of public decency standards. Allowing political advertising be something other than assassinating political candidates in public in terms of their character or record. Let it all go back to the basics much like non partisan elections in your local municipalities. Such as political campaigns about the issues at hand and the personal resume of the candidates themselves. None of this Orwellian operatic drama only to rally the fundamentalist extremes of either political party and drive all the rest completely disgusted.

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