Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Governance Concept: Separation of Corporation and State

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Much like the "Separation of Church & State" ushered by Thomas Jefferson one of the Founding Fathers of our American Constitution. America today and tomorrow in its governing process in terms of: local, State, & Federal Government. Needs a "Separation of Corporation & State". Yes, America in the middle to late 20th century has benefited from many of the practices of corporate management & administration. Much like America has benefited from having a pluralistic religious identity.

Nonetheless corporate and other foreign national interests have trumped the ordinary U.S. citizen from the turn of the 20th century. Unabated due to greed and a continued breach of public trust our corporations shall become nearly unstoppable. If not "Above Our Laws" in regards of their collective conduct if not flagrant attempts to garner political and commercial interest support.

We shall lose our "Republic" and we shall deserve it. For being blind to the nearly endless coffers of Corporate or Multi-National Interests in our America. Can we keep our Republic as Benjamin Franklin put it so aptly? Or shall we morph into a Corporate & Industrial Complex Empire? Where our Monarchs shall be the Titans of Wall Street where ordinary citizens become indebted to them.

This entry is not meant to be a Manifesto but a suggestion to take a righteous turn for our combined betterment. Be it as how each of us see's fit in order to maintain our Peace & Prosperity as Americans.

If our Politicians fear the loss of corporate revenue into their election campaign coffers. Than lets assail those fears and release them from having to run political fund raisers until they become exhausted. By having our Federal / State Governments create a new department under the "Secretary of State" office.

Whereby all political campaign contributions will come strictly from the Federal & State Governments. No more special interest groups providing campaign contributions to our politicians. All Media Spots be it: Television, Internet, Radio, etc... shall allow political campaign advertisements. Under the guise of "Eminent Domain" of the public air waves similar in regards how an "emergency broadcast alert" is allowed.

In return politicians can not accept corporate contributions or gifts. Be they trips on corporate jets or destinations, or promises of future employment. If so they will be committing "treason" and be punishable as a criminal felon.

All face time or communication with our Elected or Appointed governmental officials, Congressman, Judicial members, or those in Diplomatic posts. Shall document all communications be it verbally by minutes or in a digital format by a media device. In regards in dealing with Lobbyists, PAC's (Political Action Committee's), Special Interest Groups, Activists, Ordinary Citizen Issues or Complaints, or Multi-National Foreign Interests. Where it will be made publicly available where applicable, be it online on the Internet, in a secure location with prior visitor screening, or sealed away due to National Security interests.

A three strike policy can be developed for failure to document all ingoing and out going communications. The first offense is admonishment, the second offense is censure, the third offense is removal from office. The punishment will not go to staffers alone the burden will be equally shared by the one they serve. Be it elected or appointed governmental officials.

In regards to the revolving door between politicians and corporate America. Especially where a blatant "Conflict of Interest" occurs to a ruling committee member within government. That is immediately hired by the Industry they were governing via committee. This will stop or it shall be considered punishable by the State as a form of Treasonous behavior.

In its place an elected of appointed governmental committee member will wait 24 months. Before accepting employment within the industry sector they were governing whilst in office. In the meanwhile the former politician can work in the non-profit private sector instead. Serving those in need to whatever capacity for the public good and common trust.

All this is a path of a more robust Democracy within the United States of America. Otherwise we forfeit our liberty and shall deserve in full measure akin to fools what we shall reap in its place.

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