Saturday, December 12, 2009

TV Show Concept: "Juarez: The Call To Arms"

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The other day whilst watching CNN I noticed their Iraq war correspondent Mr. Michael Ware. During a spot coverage in the Mexican city of "Juarez". Regarding the drug war with cartels along the U.S. Border. Where it is almost akin to a criminal cartel civil war with government forces.

If Americans weren't so worried regarding our economy or that of the "War on Terror" in Iraq or Afghanistan. This drug cartel war with the Mexican government police and military forces would receive more news coverage. The sad fact it isn't, and the innocent slaughter is dying without their stories being told.

What I'm suggesting is a reality television series along the lines what "FOX" television or "A&E" (Art's & Entertainment) cable channel does in TV content. Such as reality TV shows of: COPS (FOX); America's Most Wanted (FOX); U.S. Marshals (A&E); Jacked (A&E); Steven Segal: Lawman (A&E); Dog "The Bounty Hunter" (A&E); etc...

"Juarez: The Call To Arms" would be in a similar vein of reality TV content. Which is heavy on the law enforcement reality and the human drama such as the costs to society at large.

"Juarez: The Call To Arms", will be a sobering show how the drug cartel war being fought on the edge of the U.S. southern Border. If not its consequences spilling over into our American Streets. Where the illicit drug trade feeds our drug addicts. By which the illegal revenues gained by American Street Gangs. Funnels such wicked riches back to the drug cartels to obtain additional cutting edge fire arms and man power. To fight other encroaching drug cartels if not Mexican government forces. Be they the sometimes corrupt police forces and/or the military called in as a stop gap measure to maintain the peace. Than there's the horror stories of innocent men, women, and especially children gunned down to send a message.

Believe it or not but Mexico has the notorious title of the "Kidnap" capital of the World. Beating out Iraq during its hay day of bombing attacks in Baghdad or elsewhere.

The reality TV show would hire "War Correspondents" to cover the most violent scenes. Which many portions will have to be censored so as to be fit for American audiences. However the reality series can be syndicated to other areas in Latin America if not Europe. Where the censorship isn't as rigid in what is restricted.

The TV shows format will cover the stories of the police and military forces. As they apprehend these criminal elements within Mexico. With additional biography regarding the many factions that make up the drug cartels. Perhaps with some minor coverage via the Mexican Court system in convictions. Of these more despicable cartel leaders that are captured alive. With the stories of the human collateral costs within families and civil society.

The TV series "Juarez: The Call To Arms" coverage can continue State side as well. Within the confines of the United States, how the drug cartel war with Mexico. Is affecting our U.S. Southern border towns be it with smuggling of drugs and human trafficking. With additional reporting on how the distribution of drugs from the pay outs along the route to the pushers and the buyers. Which Street Gangs in America are growing stronger and morphing into criminal syndicates or cartels of their own within our major U.S. cities.

Within each episode of "Juarez: The Call To Arms" there can be a thoughtful analysis. Of the cost in "Blood & Bullets" in fighting such a drug war for both Mexico and the U.S.. What are the sociological impacts be it from inaction or worse losing to the drug cartels if the pressure isn't kept up by law enforcement.

This is a story that hasn't been told in such a holistic manner to date. "Juarez: The Call To Arms" can be one of the first to do so, If permitted.

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