Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2

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Today's entry is another excerpt from my 2nd Volume available in paperback and electronic formats at all the major online book retailers.

Our topic today is on Grace which in its many appearances operates as a meta agent of God. Either with the "Holy Spirit" or the Angels at large orchestrating wonders of whatever order and scale. Be the recipients faithful or not be they human or not across Creation this is a metaphysical truth expressed in beauty or grace itself.

Please enjoy today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement.



Grace is an expression of love that is unconditional in nature. Such a love is not timid, nor is it foolish, it is a love that has upheld nations by a common trust. It is the love that both saints and lovers live by to the fullest of spiritual delights. Grace when it is released into our shallow experiences breathes new life into our hearts and minds. This life is one of renewal from the old ways that led us astray. Down alleys filled with shadows and shallow experiences that at times was beneath our fullest expression as people and especially as souls. Grace is the long arm of the Lord God as an agent of the Holy Spirit to carry out the "Will of God(dess)". By allowing grace to take hold in our lives we permit justice and truth of the holiest spirits to rescue us from ourselves and from this crazy world. Take comfort in such a place and this will become your salvation through the Lord God forever and ever. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2 pg. 64-65

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