Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Statement: "Our Mortality Is A Reflection Of The Earth As We See It"

Hello All,

Late into the night and perhaps into my own early morning period but here is the next "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement for the week. Its topic is on "Mortality" almost resembling an intimate conversation we may have with God one time or another. On why are we here now on Earth? You may see at least how I struggled with the inquiry with a bit of humor towards the end of the statement.

May it speak to you on a spiritual level although it can transcend it into the human sphere of all of us. This statement is #1749 in the series written in late June of this year.

Enjoy as always, go with God by whatever love you profess to him or her.



1749) Who am I but a reflection of the one true vision we have all come to know as God. We shimmer with grace for awhile then we fade back into the Earth as dust forever. A couple generations of time is all we have before we are forgotten once more as people. Akin to having never been born to begin with in truth. Our tribe we call humanity is so immense we can bring a planet to its knee's. This bodes a biblical event to occur to re-balance outcomes in favor of mother nature against humanities own self-loathing chaos.

Only a handful of worthy successors are meant to be recorded in the limited annals of history. The rest of us are fodder to each our zeitgeist of the moment. If our family has heirs perhaps our names are recorded on a genealogical tree, but no more after that. Are we but a branch also of the tree of celestial life as well? Or merely a leaf thinking of itself a mighty branch in absence of any objections in thought. Why must we have difficulty to remember our divine splendor only to return with new found appreciation after a mortals lifetime? I seek immortality not of these senses, but of this consciousness which in faith is already assured. Described as the living soul of all persons or creatures unique in form. Than why do I complain as a living reflection of who's Image and Likeness I resemble in Spirit? I feel trapped by mortality not able to escape the confines of this incarnation at will. I yell for my jailor only to be greeted by an Angel of God. Are we the prisoner or the prison itself?

No one seems the wiser lest the souls that have escaped by mortal death. Are we fools proclaiming the Glory of God to only realize we are God in the scope of this united Infinity? Why must we suffer in this form of paradise but to know what a mortals life is all about? Color me tickled pink, but the next time I'm curious in regards to mortality slap me straight instead dear God. I need not know to this intricate depth what it means only to be your seeming distant reflection. I rather seek to be your constant joy in every lifetime as the minor gods that we are in truth. The rest belongs to another fool to question the role of mortals in Creation. Release me from this Shadow of my greatest self as an essence of your love dear God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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