Thursday, July 24, 2014

Atrayo's Oracle Is 9 Years Old Today!

Hello All,

Another year another anniversary here at Google's Blogger service with my blog "Atrayo's Oracle". Little did I conceive of a 9 year trek and hopefully many more to come. The content here is all original and although the index tools are spotty. The spiritual wisdom is extensive with content and innovative concept summaries are fascinating albeit grandiose at times. Opportunity and Inspiration are here to be enjoyed hand in hand in this off the wayside oasis of being. Come and enjoy the shade.

This blog site was mostly started to share the "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series. Be the material from either of the two published volumes of work and growing as showcased throughout the topics here at "Atrayo's Oracle".

Your always welcome to support my work by purchasing either volume in paperback, e-book, Nook, and Kindle formats. Atrayo's Oracle, is also available on the Kindle as a monthly subscription priced at .99 cents US.

"Jewels of Truth" Formats at (Link)

Otherwise here are my satellite locations across the Internet where you can also view as cross-posts from here at Blogger.

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6) Temple Illuminatus:  (A esoteric often alternative spirituality based on Benevolence Online Community.)

To date as of today July 24th 2014 there are over 340 original spiritual wisdom statements and counting. With over 180 roughly innovative abstract summary solutions located on this blog site since July 2005. Consider this a labor of love or my own dharma at work. Thank you again for being a reader be it as a first timer or a loyal ongoing member. I appreciate your time and interest in my work.

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