Friday, August 03, 2007

Gems of Opportunity: Water Supply Concept: Purifying Monsoon and Flood Waters Via Supertanker Vessels

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Lately, I'm hearing from BBC World news that in the Asian sub-continent of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. There have been around 20 million people displaced within their own country due to the yearly monsoon season. However, this year's monsoon season is more severe than usual, perhaps due to global climate change.

My concept delves into the topic of the future clean water supply shortages that will likely occur. If you think the US is in Middle East for controlling interests of oil. Then surely with water shortages looming the US or the Western world will make similar cases in "Water Rich" countries.

My suggestion is to develop infrastructure in India or other parts of southern Asia. Where water pumping stations leading to a pipeline that goes to industrial ports. Where polluted fresh water flood or monsoon waters are siphoned off to a fleet of tanker ships. These retrofitted tanker ships may not even be required to be doubled hull like their petroleum tanker cousins. Since the cargo is potable water, perhaps using older tanker fleets with a single hull can be retrofitted and sterilized for such transports.

On board, such single hull tankers will be a water filtration plant where the piped in polluted freshwater flood or monsoon waters. Are purified en route to their destination perhaps to ports in Los Angeles. (America's 2nd largest city soon facing clean water shortages)

Also, these tankers with water treatment filtration plants onboard can provide a valuable service to countries like India or China. Where clean drinking water is already facing shortages due to poor environmental standards.

Water could soon be treated as an even bigger export commodity by monsoon or flood prone countries. If such a water filtration and logistical transport infrastructure is ever developed at all.

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