Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News Show Concept: "The Muppets News" (Hour)

Hello All,

Many of you will be asking yourselves what was I tripping on when this notion came across my minds eye. Well to be honest, I'm part of a "man child" in character for those that truly know me personally. (perhaps that's why I'm also a gamer)

Now onto this television news show concept featuring the famous "Jim Henson" Muppet's. (or an equivalent if Disney isn't interested.)

Slightly borrowing from the "Jon Stewart, The Daily Show" with its comedic tongue in cheek script writing. Have a Muppet's comedic style delivery of real news out in the world that is fit for all ages.

For example, the cast of this Muppet's news programming can include "Gonzo" as the news anchor in a suit and tie set up. (perhaps a different colorful suit for each broadcast) "Big Bird", can be the travel news correspondent that can be co-branded with Travelocity or Expedia for example. "Count Dracula", can be the Gothic night scene news reporter covering the nightclubs or other haunts (pun intended). "The Swedish Chef", does the cooking show segment with a guest star chef like "Emeril, Rachel Ray, etc...". "Beaker", can cover the science and technology news segments. "Miss Piggy", can do the weather forecasting falling into the stereo-typical weather girl role. Finally "Kermit" can cover the ever important environmental news spots occurring across our globe.

Of course other Muppet's such as the two old geezers can hurl comments from the "Live" studio audience as hecklers.

If this news format succeeds than the concept can create a spin-off of a "Talk Show" format. Where each week a different Muppet holds the host spot on a topic near and dear to their hearts and minds.

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