Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jewels of Truth Quotation & Favorite Quote Of The Day

Hello All,

Today's personal quote of mine is not from the numerical series of numbers I've been espousing for over a year now. Rather it is something I came across in my own personal notes I had written long ago. It reads more like a poem than a wisdom based quotation. Consider it one of my earlier experiments in prose using the spiritual affirmation format.



Statement of Awareness

1) I've got the eyes of a hawk.
2) I've got the smell of a hound dog.
3) I've got the hearing of an owl.
4) I've got the taste of a connoisseur.
5) I've got the touch of a lover.
6) I've got the sense of a mystic.
7) I've got the knowing of a sage.
8) I've got the depth of understanding of the eternal mother.
9) I've got the perception of a seer.
10) I've got the inspiration of an Angel of Light.
11) I've got the fortitude of a mountain.
12) We have all that is needed from God(dess).
---Ivan / Atrayo.


The more love I pour forth from my heart as an instrument of Gods love, the healthier I feel in mind, body, and spirit! --- Unity "Healing Thoughts" booklet p.28 "My Heart Theme".

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