Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes Of The Day

Hello All,

Today, I'll be sharing three of my own authored quotations instead of the rationed two at a time as of recently.

May you enjoy them.

795) It is a gift from God our maker with the ability to forgive ourselves and others. But truly forgiveness needs to be unconditional. If not conditional forgiveness tied to demands is completely false. Much as is conditional love tied to limits imposed on another or upon yourself. Love & forgiveness are gifts from God that flow unconditionally and should be shared as such. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

796) The Holy Spirit of God is a custodial being. One that nurtures without hurry those that accept his / her wondrous will of testament. It is a ever loving and forgiving tranquility one is confronted by in such a sacred relationship. A solace to return to time after time in a parental manner. And, so does this sacred relationship with your personal creator fill many other relationship roles as needed and sought after. The one God(dess) provides all manners of nurturing one's very own spirit. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

797) Material things do not make us as persons or as spirit. Material things are only tools for living a physical lifestyle. Be it for business or pleasure, they are a means to an end. What does make us as people or souls is our: emotions, thoughts, judgements, understanding, experiences, and especially our loves and fears. These are the attributes that make up a person for good or ill in this life of ours. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.


God made so many different kinds of people; why would God allow only one way to worship? ---Martin Buber.

People who enjoy what they are doing invariably do it well. ---Joe Gibbs. (Redskins football coach, NASCAR owner, humanitarian.)

Nothing is a waste of time if you use your experience wisely. ---Auguste Rodin 1840-1917.

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