Friday, July 06, 2007

MMO Games Concept: MMO Game Publisher Currency & Commodity Transfer System

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Right now I'm aware of at least 2 major game publishers in the MMO (massively multiplayer online) game's market. That being SOE (Sony Entertainment Online) and NC Soft, one being Japanese the other South Korean that services the Western gamers market. Since I'm more familiar directly with the SOE MMO game titles I'll list this game publisher as an example in my concept herein.

Right now SOE is providing an Auction Exchange Servers for their Everquest 2 game title. What if SOE offered a virtual currency & commodity transfer system for a fee between their game worlds. For example, the same account holder that plays both SWG (Star Wars Galaxies & Everquest 2) can transfer his virtual currency savings between the both game worlds. Minus a real fix charge by the game publisher and there after a percentage of the amount in value transferred.

There can also be a virtual game commodity transfer system where the MMO game worlds include a harvesting / crafting game features. For example, where in there are 100 animal hides in Everquest 2 that can be transferred to the other game world title of Vanguard: Saga of Hero's. For another assessed fixed fee and there after a percentage value of those virtual goods.

This way hopefully game publishers can steal additional thunder from the often times illegal secondary black market of virtual game currencies exchange services. Where as a game publishers native customer service bureaus are tasked for dealing with the mess caused by these other secondary market providers.

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