Friday, March 10, 2006

Prediction / Commentary On US Outsourcing & Offshoring Of Jobs.

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For one I enjoy the news from CNN "Lou Dobbs" program. With that Lou Dobbs aggressive stance albeit insensitive at times is part of what I consider an example of the "fourth estate" of investigative journalism vital to any democracy as in an informed citizenry.

I hardly have in the past of this blog site have made commentary statements. Although I may have made a couple predictions here and there I believe. This post is amongest those on the topic of US jobs if not soon to be: European, Canadian, & Austalian labor markets to follow. Being offshore where on a wholesale basis US based multi-national companies go offshore. And/or send middle class jobs abroad to the eventual point that the US economy will begin hemorrhaging lacking a middle class.

To use a current analogy that Lou Dobbs is very adamant against "Illegal Aliens" versus legal immigrants. Where Mexico last year received worker remittances totally around 16 billion dollars US. Exceeding the combined incomes of Mexico's petroleum industry on an annual basis. Expect that within a decade when outsourcing and offshoring becomes the standard norm in the USA. That US workers will join the leagues of developing nations sending workers overseas like they do in Asia and the Middle East. But in this case US overseas workers will be remitting their incomes to their US based families. Much like many illegal immigrants do today in the US with my example above with Mexico.

There is so much exploitation of either side of the fence on the issues with capitalism world wide. That the US may need to develop a 21st Century version of "Affirmative Action" for the US worker. Otherwise due to economic discrimation more US firms and jobs will continue to be sent overseas. Causing this nation to lose super power status and return to Industrial Nation status in the global community of nations.

However I clearly understand where thousands of years ago historically where Chinese and Indian dominance as civilizations in the ancient world occurred. Like a pendulum on the historical scale they are reverting back to such a super power status. This can not be stopped nor should it be stopped for the well being of the world and the citizens of those nations. However it shouldn't be a "Win / Lose" scenario for us either to the point our nation if not the Western Hemisphere goes down the tubes in the process. Of course greed, corruption, power, and influence may be "some" of the motivators for this current global paradigm shift of super power status. As it always has occurred through out history the just will benefit in the end. While the injust benefit during the short to mid-term periods of growth.

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