Monday, March 27, 2006

Electronic Protection Concept: Electronic Vibrating Anklets For Those With Restraining Orders

Hello All,

This concept of mine is from my library of older concepts in reams of note pads. The concept for today applies itself to those with legal restraining orders against them. Where legally they are prohibited from going into the proximity of the person who feels victimized. Be it a well documented case of domestic violence, stalkers, or other cases of potential violence.

We all have been to a restaurant where often we're told that the waiting time is so and so minutes. Than we're handed a wafer like electronic like coaster that vibrates and lights up when our turn is up to be sitted. Now taking inspiration from these wafer electronic alerts in the restaurant industry. We morph that with an electronic anklet similar to what those who are under "house arrest" wear. But in this case both the issuer and recipient of the restraining order are required to wear this electronic anklet bracelet.

So if a predator stalker, boyfriend or husband is closing in on the yardage restriction of proximity of a restraining order in effect. Than as they get closer the monitoring agency will start to receive color coded signal alerts from what the US government uses for the national "Terror Alert". IE green (low), blue (guarded), yellow (elevated), orange (high), red (severe). Both parties of the issuer and recipient of the restraining order wearing the anklets will start to receive alerts at the yellow (elevated) level. For example at the yellow status alert the anklets will begin to create a benign light show on the electronic anklet. At orange (high) alert the anklet will go beserk in the lightshow effect. At red (severe) alert the proximity anklet will be in full alert mode with the lights and vibrations.

At the monitoring agency they'll receive their first alerts during the yellow (elevated) stage. If it continues to orange (high) alert than the police squad car is dispatched immediately to track down the aggressor. At red (severe) alert it is treated as a crime in progress with all appropiate agencies involved. Be it rape crisis agencies, or for battered woman, or family crisis to be ready to document the incident and arrest the aggressor.

The electronic anklet could also be developed as a wrist watch type of device. Of course it couldn't be removed just like those under house arrest. So the electronic alert anklet or bracelet is for short to mid-term usage only. Since a long term use would be very obtrusive for both parties and/or have pyschological impacts. That is until a surgical implant is developed for under the skin for a similar alerting device with restraining orders.