Friday, March 10, 2006

Cable Or Satellite TV Service Plan Concept: TV With No More Advertising

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Right now American consumers if not other's in Europe or elsewhere have access to DVR (TiVo like) or digital video recorder technology. Where they just fast forward enmasse past unwelcomed and unsoliticited television advertising that keep the cable channels broadcasting. Before VOD (Video on Demand) technology begins to roll-out across our nation again with limited or zero advertising. There is another unimplemented alternative for cable and satellite TV service providers to pursue.

That is a premium service for subscribers to pay a monthly fee above what they pay already on their TV bills. Where TV ad spots would exist cable (or satellite) TV subscribers would manually choose a music channel to play during a program intermission for advertising. For example Comcast my local cable TV provider offers "Music Choice" to it's digital cable subscribers. Which is a slew of music genre channels with no advertising what so ever. Now consider this premium service where customers can pay upwards to $10 dollars US a month to block out intrusive TV advertising. That the cable and network channels have to broadcast otherwise they go off the air. In the meanwhile until Cable and Network television find another revenue model to keep broadcasting.

Cable and Satellite subscribers can block out akin to a parental lock all TV ad spots. Where that filler TV time plays a commercial free music channel of the choice of the customer. Or it can play a news channel like CNN or Headline news without including those prospective channels advertising. Akin to having 24/7 news channels on a content cache of programming omitting their advertising. So whilst the TV viewer with this service plan enters an ad spot period they can watch news or what have you during this break period.

This has never been done to my knowledge lest even discussed as I understand it. Besides it may consist of little upgrading to cable or satellite TV service providers to offer such a service plan. Since it is practically an "Oxymoronic" concept where cable and satellite television subscribers have to pay to watch advertising on the TV programming they enjoy.

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