Monday, March 27, 2006

Kitchen Concept: Latex Glove Manual Jar / Bottle Cap Opener

Hi All,

This concept is one of those "Aha!" moments for its simplicity sake. Picture a latex glove that is thicker than the typical surgical latex hospital gloves. More so like a rubberized / latex material for hands of various adult sizes. The palm area of this manual jar / bottle cap opener glove has a ribbed gripping surface.

So instead of hurrying off to get a wet paper towel, or a butter knife to depressurize the jar lid. Let alone to use one of those expensive electric jar openers. That are no good when the power is out. For which this jar / bottle cap opener glove can be used in like a disaster relief kit for households.

One just puts on this latex like glove and voila one is able to grip and open those pesky jars and bottles. Of course the kitchen jar / bottle opener glove can be offered in right or left hand models. Including various appealing designs besides a generic white colored glove.


  1. Hiya! Good idea but i think I have seen this somewhere before. This product may be out there already. :(

  2. Hi Karmajay,

    Thanks for stopping by. Your the first TOGer to post a comment here, and/or Floridian.

    If your right than my big boo boo. :o)


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