Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes Of The Day

Hi There & A Happy New Year To All!

Without further adieu here are is one my latest quotes. With one of my quote / commentary hybrids that usually come from pen to paper.

732) In life building barriers is usually easier than building bridges. However some barriers do give way to become an eventual bridge to cross. No matter with time both "barriers & bridges" are taken for granted in there existence. Doing so especially for bridges will be a very costly mistake taking years to recover from as a pathway in life. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

733) Religions & Philosophies are numerous as languages and dialects. One is a manner to comprehend creation and the other is a means to communicate the: thoughts, ideas, concepts of such a life in creation. Then all religions and philosophies are a myriad expressions of this same life we are all partners in together. If we cast out our partner by faith and persecution we cast out ourselves by the same breath. If we bind up our partner even if s/he is a foreigner to us we further liberate ourselves by grace itself. All religions are worshipping the same God, whether in singular or plural form. The difference is to make them foreigners is to view the path they've takened to divinity. Via their: customs, culture, language, and ethnic bio diversity. That is the only major contributors to the methodology of worshipping the same God in myriad ways. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.


An attitude of gratitude creates blessings. ---Sir John Templeton.

Gratitude invites a sense of suffiency. ---Wayne Muller 9/05/04.

Real hero's are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they've stayed true to their ideals and benefits and commitments. ---Kevin Costner.

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