Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Business Model Concept: A Gamers Pub (Tavern)

Hi All,

Those of us who've played RPG's be it in the genre's of: pen & paper, singleplayer, or MMO games in a fantasy setting. Have often discovered the Middle Ages pub or tavern in the game world. But what if that notion of a player hub in a game world which in MMO's hasn't often worked as intended. Was brought forth into our world of the "bricks & mortar". Where as it wouldn't be a Internet Cafe, but truly a modern adult bar (pub) for adult gamers. With a continuous local LAN set up for adult gamers. Be it for FPS matches with a local tournament ladder and for local clans of gamers to hang out together in person.

Perhaps the bar owner could work out a deal with a local game software outlet for discounts on merchandise. And/or offer sponsorship for an excelled clan (squad) for national or International FPS competitions. The bar (pub) can offer raffles for adult gamer goodie bags and so forth.

This could very likely be the next incarnation of a business model aside from Internet Cafes. Since some Internet cafes already offer a Barnes & Noble type of coffee shop and bakery like a local StarBucks is doing with a wireless Internet hotspots.

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