Tuesday, January 31, 2006

World Level Game Design: FPS Scrolling Capture Points

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For the past few months now I have been enjoying "Battlefield 2" published by EA. (Electronic Arts) The game developers for this FPS (First Person Shooter) game title have resorted to only offering "capture the flag" game maps. Which was a disappointment after enjoying a lot of Unreal Tournament 2004 with their variety of objective based game maps.

With that stated what if a newer evolution of FPS game maps is offered up for player enjoyment during these FPS rounds of game play? It's a twist on the static capture the flag game maps which means capturing the same flags adnausem. Where as when a FPS round starts the first few flags are offered for capture on a game map. When conflict erupts at a particular game flag a hidden timer begins counting off. When the timer reaches zero whomevers flag is flying makes that flag uncappable. However if the timer elapses and the flag is still neutral the timer cycle begins anew until the flag gets capped.

When the first set of flags are conquered than the game map scrolls over to the next set of neutral capture the flags. So there can be numerous sets of unlockable flags during the course of a game round. Without so much taxing the client or server hardware resources during game play. This can potentially prolong the time of game map battles.

So for a FPS game title like BF2 (Battlefield 2) a player can play one set of flags and get their stats recorded like an automatic save. And then has the option to continue playing without needing to load a new map or a pause in FPS game play. Where now the game maps are offered individually upon load up in a FPS game title. It can be further seamless for game title enjoyment.

If any "Game Modders" are out there reading this please try it out. And beat the game developers to it who are often burdened by internal bureaucracy.

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