Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Musical Band Concept: Traveling Bar & Stage Show

Hi All,

This concept came to me literally in a dream during my family visit this past December 2005 in Miami. The premise is rather simple of taking past musical band showcases and putting them on wheels. Not as a major concert traveling circuit, but as a smaller outlet via a traveling bar with it's stage show.

The bar will serve liquor or what have you with the stage show of past great or one hit wonder bands. There could also be just secondary members of a past famous band that perform accapella to the bar audience. The traveling bar and stage show will support a music based charity. Perhaps something akin to VH-1's music charity for public school programs. The "Hard Rock Cafe" franchise would be an ideal promoter for this concept traveling to locales their restaurant / bars aren't showcased at presently.

There will be the cover charge for entering such a event of the traveling bar & stage show. However door prizes can be offered including those in the audience before the stage can have a spotlight on them. Which signals they've won the grand prize of the night that can be a prize package of the performing artists: poster, T-Shirt, Anthology CD, DVD, etc... Than the performing band or artist of that night sings to the spotlight table from the stage.

The traveling bar and stage show can be booked for school field trips likewise during the day. Besides perhaps the military USO could use such a venue of entertainment for the troops that are State side or deployed.

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