Saturday, December 17, 2005

Water Conservation Concept: Residential Home Water Resvoirs

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For those who are green energy oriented this concept will be right up your wallet in savings. What if residental homes besides having some sort of septic tank buried in their backyards. Have a secondary water resvoir tank buried alongside their home. Where if a rain storm strikes all the run-off from their roof would drain into the buried water resvoir tank. Any excess water would either run-off back to the environment or could be perhaps sold off to the city or private interests.

Now consider this as the water is running off the property owners roof and as it enters the water resvoir tank. It will flow through a "water mill flipper", that would generate local electricity for the home owner being stored in a local battery for later use. Twice the savings in your water and electricity bill. The stored resvoir water can be used for flushing your toliets or it can be purified with a filteration system for personal cooking and drinking usage. If purified it can also be sold off like i mentioned above to the city or private water bottling companies.

Although a water bottling company can have such a system in place already but on an industrial scale.

However scaling back from any usage of the water resvoir system. A home owner could still use such a "water mill flipper" system to generate electricity. But instead of saving the water the flipper would be placed on the roof by the drainage pipe during a rain storm. Still a very favorable energy savings device, especially for those of us in tropical locales here in Florida.

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