Saturday, December 17, 2005

Software Concept: A PC OS Strictly For PC Gamers

Hi All,

When each video game hardware console comes out it has it's own basic operating system. Where the game software does the rest for the menu's and other interface configurations.

What if a personal computer aside from the general one size fits all Windows operating system. Unless some other user is using open source Unix or Linux operating systems. Builds a OS strictly for PC gamers, whether it has features to play past DOS games of years ago. Or it supports a myriad of older video or sound card standards. Besides is tailored for the single, multiplayer, and online Internet gamer in it's features and applications. Including tools that help foster a guild (clan) in creation, management, and growth.

It can still contain second party IM (Instant Messager) software like X-Fire that is tailored for gamers. Or a Internet browser of choice be it FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Such a niche oriented operating system tailored to PC gamers. Will continue to induce vigor for the personal computer platform for game oriented developers & publishers. Since who's to say that this PC Gamers OS can be built by a game developer. Built by game developers for game developers and gamers alike.

Now that would earn a consumer purchase from me for sure.

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