Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Science Fiction Movie Theme Concept: The Book of Enoch

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Recently I saw a program on my local History cable channel discussing the omitted books of the Christian Bible. Than the topic of the "Book of Enoch" appeared which I believe is in the Torah (Jewish) and Quran (Islamic) sacred scriptures.

The Book of Enoch as I understood it during the presentation is that "Enoch" grandson to Adam & Eve and son to Cain. Has many redeeming humanity like his uncle Abel. Where an arch angel named "Uriel" instructs and shows him parts of creation. Among one of it's moral stories is where 200 angels (soon to fall from grace) had offspring with human females. Thus spawning giants that became increasing violent and destructive in pre-Noah flood times. Eventually these fallen angels and Lucifer were cast to the underworld where Lucifer tries to get Enoch to beseech God for clemenacy, which doesn't work.

Now what if in a delicate manner this biblical tale is told in a science-fiction manner. Where these Angels are actually a superior technological race here on the Earth in our pre-history. And allow this tale to unravel under the sci-fi genre. This could even become a multi-sequel set of movies released by a studio.

This has educative tones where those truly interested in the Torah or Quran could further pursue the truer version of "The Book of Enoch". Whilst still entertaining audiences and capturing there attention on this subject matter. Much like Mel Gibson's movie on Christ and the novel series of "Left Behind" has on consumers. (and soon to be movie)

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