Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amusement Park Ride Safety: Roller Coaster Side Cushion Barriers

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Recently in my local news I heard of a teenage youth falling out of his roller coaster car. While it was making a sharp right hand turn he some how managed to stand upright and fall onto the grass about 10-12 feet to the ground. He got cuts and bruises only thankfully whilst the State is inspecting the ride.

My suggested concept is to add at certain chokepoints or throughout the sides of a roller coaster ride barrier absorbing cushions. Perhaps something like stunt men use doing film making on a movie. (I.E. like when they fall off a building) These barrier cushions would in effect either withstand a rider some how God forbid falls off onto the impact cushion. Or perhaps a foam cushion barrier that can withstand a roller coaster car derailing off the tracks in a freak accident.

This is a preventive measure for possible life saving safety barrier for a amusement park ride or State Fair attraction. The barrier whether foam or air cushion can be decorative so as to blend in with the artistic theme of the roller coaster ride.

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