Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Music Entertainment Concept: Music Blending

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This concept deals mostly with music videos which typically only one music video is made per song. What if more than one music video is made for the same song. Whether they are made back to back when the album releases. Or after the fame of the musician(s) is well known like a new compilation of music videos for the same "Greatest Hits" collection on DVD.

There can also be the same song sung differently by genre. Such as where the song is sung in a pop manner it can go through a redux and be sung in: rock, blues, gospel, country, etc... This would take skilled talent from the musicians. But would cater to many musical fans of many genre demographics for potential retail consumers.

One inkly of an example where this was done is when years ago Janet Jackson sung "Black Cat" in her Control album. The Black Cat song was done in an unlikely departure of genres for Janet Jackson. Which the song was sung in a rock style where all of her songs are usually pop related.

This can only make existing album catalogs of music studios have new legs. Especially if generating new residuals of income to pursue from new and old musical artists.

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