Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Food & Beverage Concept: Muffin Drink

Hi All,

Here is one of the fewer concepts I have on novel food & beverage creations for retail consumption. What I call the "Muffin Drink" can be considered mostly a breakfast and snack drink with milk. Unlike dunking a cookie into milk for a snack. The Muffin Drink takes a mug like glass where either a: muffin, cupcake, or brownie is dropped into the milk. Then after a few moments a dessert spoon is used to eat the soggy muffin. Or just drink the entire concoction as a drink. The milk can be served warm or cold, besides flavored with strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla ala Nestle Quik.

Where usually when a muffin is eaten there are sticky fingers involved, but not with a "Muffin Drink".

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