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Gems of Opportunity: Social Media Concept: "How To Beat Twitter With Blast It!"

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Today's social media business model concept could be employed by Twitter to a degree. Since Twitter hasn't to this point experimented with a voluntary subscriber or one time fee pay scheme for regular users. As a source of additional revenue for the company aside from what they're doing already with advertisers.

This conceptual design also nearly dove tails onto the one I had shared last month. Which was the "Telecommunications Industry Concept: The Smart Pager (Beeper) Redux" . Since a service that is based off of the SMS (Short Message Service) is an ideal cross promotion for a smart digital beeper to utilize. A Twitter App could merely be developed by the company for users to download onto a smart digital pager. (otherwise come pre-installed onto the device itself).

Back in September 21st, 2009 on this blog site I posted a marketing campaign conceptual design. Based off the "Jackson Five" song of Rockin Robin it is a no brainer for Twitter to pursue. Here's the link to my blog entry back then "Ad Concept: Twitter Advertisement Campaign" .

Now back to the concept at hand today much as how "MySpace" was usurped by "Facebook" in the pioneers of social media. One day another social media platform could overtake "Twitter" at its own game. I call this so far fictitious social media platform as "Blast It!". Twitter has by design constricted itself to the SMS limit of 140 characters per Tweet. That restriction is a throwback from the 1990's or literally the last century. Recall my last month concept regarding Smart Pagers (Beepers) well the 1990's was the era when beepers were the predominant form of letting someone know you called. Ironically today hospitals, physicians, and certain law enforcement departments still utilize pagers today for an area wide alert signal.

My idea for "Blast It!" would upend the artificial ceiling of the 140 SMS digital character limit per Tweet. Much as I stated in the first paragraph of this blog entry Twitter could pursue an optional subscription package of incentives or a one time upgrade fee for users. To set a new limit per tweet beyond the 140 character limit message of the antiquated SMS era.

Nonetheless "Blast It!" would shrug off such a SMS vestige by blasting away such Tweet or micro-messaging limits in text. Before Twitter there were and still are "Instant Messengers" such as: AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, and X-Fire. The latter one was popular for gamers, but never fully recovered after it was sold off to Viacom in 2006. My proposed social media platform would automatically start off all Tweets at an incremental limit of 420 (3x140) digital characters. At triple the amount of today's Twitter service provides. Such a service could also allow users to have a message feed from Twitter of their personal account onto the "Blast It!" service. To rub it in the comparison in message sizes per Tweet and per Blast.

At the time I wrote this conceptual design business model was back in early November 2014. Before the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) ruling on Net Neutrality most recently regarding throttling. Throttling was the tactic ISP's (Internet Service Providers) wanted to utilize to charge for higher rates of transmission speeds as gate keepers. The reason I am bringing this up was that my concept of such a social media company would throttle free users after a set limit of Blasts per day (24 hour period). Perhaps as little as after the first 15 Blast messages a day a free user would be throttled with a delay timer per their next set of messages. This was to encourage Silver and Gold tier voluntary subscriber plans to take hold as a source of revenue for such a company.

These proposed monthly subscriber plans of Silver and Gold would be billed annually. Making free accounts in effect a Bronze plan user. However all accounts would be able to send still images and video cross-linking in their messages. With whatever else comes standard today in custom settings and lists set-up by a user. Next comes the upgrades as voluntary one time fee's where the "Blast It!" social media platform. Can elect to offer extensions in message character limits to both free users and subscribers at 560 (4x140) and respectively 700 (5x140) digital character limits per message. However those that elect to pay the one time upgrade fee amount would first need to go through the 560 character limit. Before unlocking the 700 character limit per message which is a cheesy way to generate additional revenue on accounts with such incentives.

Those accounts that elect for the one time upgrades can have additional incentives rolled into the fee. Such as reduction of throttling if its a free account user in the Bronze tier line-up. Have for subscribers the option to have increased speeds than a nominal speed Silver plan tier account. At the 700 character limit the incentive of a text to audio speech recognition app can be offered. So instead of reading your messages you listen to them as another feature rich offering.

When such a service did launch commercially for all users it could offer a limited Platinum tier Lifetime plan. Billed at $140 US annually to rub it into Twitter for their SMS dinosaur limits. Maybe after every successful anniversary date such a social media platform milestone is reached. The Platinum service tier plan could be brought back up for users to partake of in a promotional rate.

The "Blast It!" social media conceptual platform is just a notion to be a direct competitor to Twitter. An Arch-Nemesis if you will with a wink and nod to their success, but taking their business model and super sizing it. Since when Twitter launched it didn't have an inkling on how to commercialize themselves. They had to rework their service just to become commercially viable for investors and stakeholders. Without the Linchpin of advertisers Twitter doesn't have any other source of general revenue at least for only the commercial accounts. The general population of regular accounts wouldn't have the incentives I'm listing here for the fictitious "Blast It!" platform. Maybe someone at Twitter should wise up before a young upstart beats you at your own social media game or business model. (Unless Twitter buys them out first)

Time will tell who will be the usurper to beat Twitter, just like Facebook bested MySpace.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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