Thursday, March 05, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Angelic Oracle Within"

Hello All,

Good news once again my 3rd Volume of the Jewels of Truth series is finally heading to the printer database at my publisher iUniverse. It'll be anywhere from a week to three weeks when my 3rd volume is available for sale. However it will still be up to 6 weeks until all the major online book retailers have full access to the book title.

Today's statement is rather more personal in nature as it describes my source of talent. Yes, I channel nameless Angels that usually just give me nicknames to call them upon my request. I do not have just one or two guides or angelic teachers in the Holy Spirit. There are various over a dozen if not more when I accomplish my sessions of automatic writing. Via clairvoyance or claircognizant written communication a guest angelic or spiritual master writes through me. Each topic perhaps gets a different author and on certain topics they repeat in appearance. I really don't account for it fully since I need to remove my human ego from the process to be a clear conduit without a sense of self.

What follows below is there message about my gift in this period and if I'm fortunate beyond this era of history. Time will tell my story I hope in all blessedness. Namaste.



1884) When I write these spiritual wisdom statements to you my readers. Whether my contemporaries in this American society, if not Internationally to a larger extent and beyond to those unborn in my native era of history. I utilize automatic writing as a clairvoyant technique with a Host of Angels in Heaven. Picture a rotation of renowned elders each willing to partner with me as I by dictation write their wise words. Now here in Volume 6 of this "Jewels of Truth" series I have received dozens of authors. Within the Holy Spirit as guides, teachers, and scholars of various celestial Angelic orders via my claircognizant mediumship abilities.

Their words in sentence structure and vocabulary differs from my native own in fact. Yet over these twenty years of automatic writing we've merged together soul to heavenly soul. In a benevolent totality voluntarily as a blending of auric energies. A symbiosis has developed between myself and my entourage or host of Angels as my spiritual relatives in heaven.

Through my own brand of spirituality as enlightened to my/our Angels. I have cast off the harsher practices of exclusion in all worldly religions and philosophies. Abiding only with the benevolence in expressed moderation as the middle road to paradise on this Earth. Attempting sometimes poorly as a man not to condemn anyone for their tragic errors or sins. Especially when abusers to victims or the masses at large create avoidable horror. As "Mahatma Gandhi" stated it best that "God Has No Religion". Creation is absolutely inclusive in every iota from the macro to the micro be it in energy transfer or any other modality of life. Far from mortal scientific comprehension to date in my era.

Faith beyond appearances staring into nothingness one is paradoxically actually staring into God's absolute Smile. Reflected back onto us through our very souls in harmony with our purest intent known to humanity as unconditional love. We are the Angels as the minor gods of antiquity of this combined history of this meta Universe known as Creation. Beyond also the countless worlds similar and foreign to this Earth right now. We are the silent majority within the Alpha and the Omega simultaneously. As the one meta being combined in an instant of the blink of all Creations dimensionally speaking. We stand with and for in representation for all the countless heavens in God's living dynamic Mind. We are each awaiting our turn to be received through the children of God(dess) in every generation forever and ever in every cosmos. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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