Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Telecommunications Industry Concept: "The Smart Pager (Beeper) Redux"

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Some of you will think I'm out of my mind seeking to conceptualize a piece of hardware that for the most part is obsolete. A item of telecommunications relegated to its hay day fame of the 1990's era. Before you think this design concept absurd first hear me out for at least one paragraph. (Not including this one.)

Twitter is all the rage as a glorified version of SMS (Short Message Service) Messaging limited to 140 digital characters per tweet. This is however yesterdays hardware limits swimming happily today. What If a return of the "Smart Beeper" reappears on the worlds mobile electronic stage. Yes, the modern smart phone in many ways makes it redundant. Yet still people buy stand alone camera's although smart phones have camera's as well. A variety of choices is good for consumers or so they say.

Above is an Image of a 2013 "April Fools Joke", but what if that was real? Consider for a moment a color LCD screen that only handles Tweets. Be it from the company of "Twitter" for their accounts or from other generic wannabe competitors that exceed the 140 digital character limit of yesterday. Such a device should be able to also handle emails and IM's (Instant Messages) however its not a smart phone. It won't do telephone calls in general. Yet it can have a voice recognition microphone for voice commands and/or voice to text messaging.

The device above in this pretend scenario can also have "Caller or Messager ID". Because still its a classic pager or beeper package in today's bells & whistles of mobile gadgetry. It will have memory in the gigabyte range to hold past text messaging or emails. It can even be its own destination of a fixed hardware centric email address similar to an IP address. The camera function can be optional to send picture still images. Since a smart phone has the robust computing power to handle live video communication streaming or conferencing. A "Smart Pager" will do some things like a Smart Phone, but specialize in others that only a smart phone pays lip service (pun intended) to in practice.

Still keeping that above faux "Smart Pager" in mind a Qwerty keyboard can be inserted with a flip top. A hidden Qwerty panel underneath the one of the arrows for scrolling through text messaging, and the camera lens in the bottom corner of the device. The Qwerty keyboard can be fixed like in a "Blackberry" smart phone or virtual where the LCD screen elongates when the flip top lid is lifted.

The classic belt clip like the old 1990's beepers can persist in the Smart Pager era as well. Avoiding the need for a pouch or holster altogether in practice. The Smart Pager can also give this 1st generation of Smart Watches a run for its money and ease of use functionality. An unlimited smart phone data plan is now $50 US a month thanks to "T-Mobile" gutsy industry wide leadership. Otherwise Americans would still be paying triple that amount at $150 US a month. So a "Smart Pager" data unlimited plan could be priced less perhaps say $20 a month. Since it doesn't rely on telephone or video streaming like its smart phone hardware cousin.

You see the Smart Pager (Smart Beeper) could be the next gadget to take the world by storm. Companies in social media like Twitter could cross-promote the "Smart Pager" for their own Tweets. Or Instagram could use it for their still picture images for account users. Limited Internet connectivity with the Smart Pager versus full blown Internet surfing on a smart phone. A range of app's can be developed for such a mobile electronic hardware platform of the smart pager (smart beeper). It's time for a capitalist tech firm with vision to pursue this line of thought. Apple Inc. are you paying attention?

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