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Jewels of Truth Statement: "Why God Is Neutral Amongst Us"

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I've finally gone and done it! :0)

Tonight I have finished in long hand mind you Volume 5 of the "Jewels of Truth" series. Meaning I've finally completed my 1,825th spiritual wisdom statement and its only taken me 19 years since starting in the year 1995. Tonight I have also started Volume 6 with statement #1826 on this Oct. 6th day of the year. So this has nothing to do with Nero thankfully, quite the opposite in fact of all benevolence. Albeit that coincidence doesn't escape me with my angel guides in tow spiritually speaking.

However I'm currently at 330 statements added onto my 3rd Volume manuscript draft. Once I reach the magic number of 365 I start to begin organizing it into book form. Just giving you my readers a heads up. Since If I'm talking about volumes five and six without volume three being published yet. Quite the back log any publisher would have a headache with an author. Not my problem since I'm freelance right now without a professional publisher.

Today's statement has used metaphor although read into it what you will if it be truth or simply figurative as an illustration. I meant or channeled the statement from my angelic guides as is. It can be considered controversial although it does in simplicities sake explain in a concise fashion. Why God is neutral as the "Great Witness" in all of our lives.

Enjoy, may you find it enlightening if not challenging as you awaken spiritually. Amen.



1823)  Many have asked why God is neutral in happenstance while I suffer in the world? And, many an atheist has mocked the faithful; "Stating why such a perfect loving Creator God abandons you to your suffering"? As the worshiper struggles to answer such a basic question in fullness for a moment. Otherwise a tepid response is given that it is our free will at work to fully experience good and evil in life. It is for the faithful to find their own path back to God as a whole as they struggle and as they achieve glory with him.

I say to the seeker of faith and to the atheist alike that the "God of gods" is the "Great Witness". Not on a puffy cloud in an obscure heaven overlooking Creation like an aloof distant king. He, She, It resides in each of us as the "Ancient One" or the soul of us all. Be we faithful and atheist alike in the "Holy Spirit" of God himself. God, became the neutral observer by having a great clash and annihilation with his internal forces of good and evil. Both as his purest self in essence of all that is true and pure. Many in Christianity would recall the mythological Great Battle with Satan. It is for all spiritual matters under heaven and hell a distant memory of our soulful heritage. A vestige so powerful that it has become a legend unto itself told as a cautionary tale. Albeit in the retelling after the eons it continues to be diluted away from its original grace in occurrence.

Pure good and pure evil stood toe to toe as both selves or identical halves of God himself. Much as we are both capable of good and evil within each of us in life. After much struggle the eternal battle of good versus evil as the fairy tale fallacy told to all. It was God whom merged on purpose pure good and pure evil to cause an effect of annihilation as two opposing forces. So in our spiritual reality both heaven and hell are in neutral harmony with the other without any harm of the fallacy of angels battling demons. After such an ancient clash before time ever became created as a dimension of being their was the void. Some call this period the real oblivion before Creation itself but they are mistaken. For Oblivion is a warped lie spake by those whom misunderstood or sought out to confuse on purpose despite the truth. For shortly after such a void as the after glow of those two forgotten halves of God's pure essence. Came a wondrous almost magical miracle deemed as perfection of what was lost appearing as the Great Void. Became the "Great Paradox" instead as one of the very first enshrined divine laws in heaven and hell and every Creation thereafter. Otherwise known to all as the Absolute.

Thus to this eternal day and night as only a memory of our godlike recollection does our soul retains this memory from the mind of God himself. That after the great clash of pure good and evil. Came the all consuming nothing the void as Oblivion. After the blinking of an eye a total instant a flash of not even a full second of time like no other dilation of a continuum came the Absolute I Am That I Am! As the simultaneous phenomena that God(dess) is both nothing and everything as a bi-lateral expression of being dynamically alive! When good and evil cancels out each other all there is in life is Neutrality as the "Great Witness" as the God of all hosts. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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