Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2

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In about a weeks time it'll be "Halloween"! I'll be wearing myself as I have for several years now, lol. I haven't worn a costume since I was a juvenile I suppose. How ghoulish of me. :op Well enough of the puns.

Today's reading from my 2nd book in the "Jewels of Truth" series is on the topic of Persistence. In many ways any Innovator in the world past, present, and future worth their hydrated salt. Needs to balance their use of persistence in a cadence that makes sense to themselves and their associates. Otherwise like many projects there is a zest right out of the gate. Until motivation drops that's where the bottlenecks and the schedules start to appear by pushing backwards an agenda. When persistence starts to become forced that's when mindful surrender does not cost a loss of momentum. In order to find a workaround from any perceived or real obstacles encountered along the way. It goes without saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine in the long run.

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A steadfast persistence always goes hand in hand with the fulfillment of our desired intentions. However this persistence I speak of also needs moderation so as to flourish into our eventual goal or objective that we seek in earnest. Otherwise one can lose focus and balance by over extending ourselves in a forced manner. That warps us from our true desired wants and our dreams. An inner poise is crucial especially when we begin to doubt our resolve. This doubt is no friend of yours, but only fear based ills that are preexisting that you harbor. Do not feed them with attention, for if you do you shall continue to spoil your promise to yourself, and if not onto others you care about.

Maintain a self discipline that is honest knowing your boundaries. When one loses focus it begins by over doing one thing or another to the point of a sheer madness of micro management. Allowing yourself to breathe and "Let Go" of the tiny details. Only to concern yourself of the "Big Details" and let the rest work itself out in its natural order. Like a loaf of bread in the oven the yeast within your plan will take hold and grow. Do not fuss like a over zealot maternal figure. Be still and watch how like an astute parent you watch your dream or goal blossom into maturity. This is but one path to self-fulfillment under the sun.                                                                       ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2 pg. 127-128

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