Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Where Love and Fear Come From In Spiritual Origins"

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Tonight's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of "Heaven and Hell". Written in the series as #1810 back in late September of this year. The topic consists more so of the energetic vibration of our souls as it shifts from realm to realm within the totality of God himself. For as God is multidimensional in being so are we as made in his Image and Likeness as eternal souls ourselves. This ethereal energy resides wherever we place our utmost attention or intention upon in spirit. We naturally channel this force or emotion as human beings having power like no other known to us in this one life. This power is not our own in origin it all belongs to God. We are merely conduits by our free will to enact such a shift of attitude or vibration of being alive as souls.

So my topic of tonight is regarding how the origin of all Love in principle. Be it conditional or unconditional in essence has its birth in heaven in a timeless fashion. Although for one to be true in a positive nourishing sense the opposite is true as well at least metaphysically. In that all Fear again conditional or unconditional in spirit alone is from hell itself in a auric sense. This is why to focus on Perfect Love to cast out all fear that is destructive in nature. Like the very renewal of our souls in the constant truth that is the total essence of God(dess). Amen.

Enjoy, although its a challenge to accept without some spiritual reconciliation on your eternal journey as souls having a human experience.


Heaven and Hell:

1810)  In every metaphysical reality there is a contrast of what is deemed as right and wrong in the principle of godly truth. Meaning what is truly paradise as heaven and what is torturous as a living self-imposed hell in all spiritual matters. To begin with justice as the expression of fairness in all things makes us noble beings extending the hand of God in benevolence. To all others that do not share such a spirit of goodwill out of confusion or plain wicked tendencies. There is God's forgiveness that is absolute in all divine realities. However with forgiveness comes the truest release of all shame and guilt within one's former enslaved spirit in essence and substance.

Not all is how it seems to your limited five mortal senses. When the spiritual realities expands such an awareness if faith becomes real to the entity. Then the question becomes where does love and fear come from as a metaphysical principal? Is it made by God, is it made by our souls, is it made as a chemical reaction in our human biology? The answer is universally "Yes" to all the above for it is all one reality we call God the majestic Creator.

In order to reiterate such a comprehension basically every spiritual force or power is based upon two polar opposite camps of "Love and Fear". What this means beyond the biology of our mortal minds and aside psychology itself. Metaphysically in union for what has preceded it in divine truth. When Love is called forth as a force and as an identical emotion. It happens outside of time and space as God is outside time and space himself. We experience the timely and eternal in one fell swoop without conscious awareness as spirits. For Love and Fear are real constant streams of God's own power in spiritual expression. When we land upon the emotion of love or fear we trigger such an expression by instinct or choice. It is like dipping our cups into a mighty river and consuming its contents immediately spiritually speaking.

So all Love in Creation is from Heaven as God is our witness right Now! So it is with Fear in Creation is likewise from Hell as God is our witness right Now! It is a disturbing thought in metaphysical awareness as mortal souls. However it isn't far fetched as a barbarous mortal species powers itself on fear that has its origin in hell. Murder, slaughter, wars on Earth have all been channeled by the power of Hell itself metaphysically. As peace, compassion, and love given to each other, the creatures therein, and the planet itself comes from Heaven instantly. As total examples of this spiritual power at work in all the lives of all of God(dess) as within all the souls of Creation. Amen.                                                                  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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