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Reverse GPS Tracking Methodology Concept: "Tracking Down Missing Malaysia Flight 370"

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It seems now that the missing Malaysian airliner for designated flight #370 may not be found using conventional methods. The latest technology versions of the marine side scan sonar sled has been around since the late 1970's. It's the default tactic to find submerged objects minus using satellite telemetry and/or a deep sea submarine for verification. This reminds me of the argument employed by BP (British Petroleum) with the Gulf of Mexico oil platform disaster. They touted their petroleum drilling industry horn for decades that they have the latest drilling technology. What they omitted is their capping an underwater oil well site techology hadn't changed in a generations time. (aka 30 years)

Now comes the trusty side scan sonar sled that is dragged along the rear of the ship at various depths. This technology although has evolved with better sonar sleds as a vehicle. It hasn't past this evolution as a delivery mechanism in about 40 plus years time. There have been innovations with submarine to submarine rescues with the United States Navy. However that is the short shrift version besides various aquatic deployable vehicles as submersibles like the famous "Alvin". This submersible was first commissioned in May 1964 and is still in active service in 2014 some 50 years later. (Source: Wikipedia Alvin Submersible Link )

As of April 28th, 2014 of this year CNN is reporting the official aerial search of the ocean surface has been called off after 6 weeks time. It'll be private contractors costing upwards of $60 million dollars US to continue the search underwater. (MH370: New phase to include private contractors, may cost $60 million Article Link) Mowing the proverbial lawn with side scan sonar sled scanning tech first developed over 40 years ago.

Now for the last dozen years or so we've entered into the era of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. First developed by the US Pentagon for the American military branches then expanded for civilian usage known as "NAVSTAR". The Europeans have "Galileo" as a joint European Union commercial venture. And the Russians with their version of "GLONASS". The Chinese hope to launch their commercial satellite GPS iteration version by the year 2020. (Source: Wikipedia, Satellite Navigation Link)

Many of us here in the States have heard of spy agencies and/or Federal law enforcement agencies. Employing methods to snoop or remotely activate civilian cell / smart phones as to ease drop on their targets. Be it with a native web cam on a smart phone and the audio receiver. Well this is done in conjunction with GPS enabled electronic devices. Even if you have your setting toggled off via your smart phone it can be activated remotely. Now it isn't any more isolated to smart phones, but now its expanded into camera's / camcorders or any other GPS enabled computer chipped electronic gadgetry. This is the lay of the early 21st century land employed not by just the Americans who pioneered this tactic. But now with all major international powers be they European, Israeli, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc...

Now your asking why I'm I harping on spy and law enforcement agencies doing legitimate sovereign work? Besides private contractors for their host nations by trans-national corporations? Well I'm not per say I'm actually describing a Valid Methodology For Tracking Missing Malaysia Flight #370. Focusing on the Black Box Flight Recorder has been a partial red herring by the investigators. Now that this methodology is no longer conventional with the flight recorder having a 30 day battery shelf life upon a crash. Unconventional tactics must be discovered, researched, and employed to further the tracking rescue methodology. That one day may eventually be classified as conventional method when it becomes proven as a valid tactic by rescue investigators for aircraft and ships.

The black box flight recorders are actually manufactured in my home town of Sarasota, Florida. The only one left in America itself where the flight recorders are actually a bright orange color for ease of visibility in discovery.

How many of the 239 passengers and crew of Malaysia Flight #370 do you think had personal GPS Enabled Devices? Lets say they were: smart phones, digital camera's, digital camcorders, smart watches, tablets, etc... Many may have been tourists or business professionals as the bulk were Chinese lets say 149 souls. Perhaps if the Chinese government enlists the families of the missing to locate all cell / smart phone numbers. Including all personal electronic brands used by their now lost relatives. With any warranty registrations as a cross referencing tool for such electronic gadgets by the Chinese consumer. That is if its anything similar as to the American consumer in extending the product warranty of a retail product. All that product data be it personal cell / smart phone numbers and misc. GPS gadgets can be collated into a database of passengers of Malaysia Flight #370.

The next step many of these devices have a very long battery shelf life if switched off when not in use. Beyond that of 30 days like the typical black box flight recorder. However if the flight did plunge into the underwater depths the pressure may have damaged such personal electronics. But, if flight #370 crashed into a rain forest environment somewhere between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. Than there's a slim chance to Reverse Enable Such GPS Personal Electronics in Order to Track Down The Crash. Meaning enabling all on-board digital camera's even if the device is turned off by the owner weeks ago. It'll be not one homing beacon of sorts but perhaps dozens depending on how many passengers fit such a variable criteria of circumstances with such electronics.

Here lays the rub it'll have to be remotely reverse enabled either by satellite telemetry. If not by an AWAC Flight Surveillance Aircraft lent by one of the major military powers be it the American's or NATO. The last resort would be by a Naval Destroyer vessel with a similar technology suite as to an AWAC aircraft. Broadcasting the activation signal and hoping to dear God for a return ping. With a visual connections with the assorted digital camera's of the passenger personal electronics. If that occurs than by satellite a triangulation can be calculated as to the location of Malaysia Flight #370. Viola!

That's how you discover a missing aircraft or ship when conventional tracking methods fail you. At least when dozens of passengers have personal GPS electronic devices packaged in their luggage or on their persons. If any of such luggage is in a near air tight packing configuration by happenstance than all the better if the flight did crash underwater.

Do note I will be emailing this original "Atrayo's Oracle"(Link) innovative entry to the U.S. State Department, the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C., the Malaysia Civil Aviation Authority, the Australian JACC (Joint Agency Coordination Centre), and the U.S. NSA (National Security Agency). Hoping for a Hail Mary that this method is something truly applied in an original tactic not yet explored by the rescue investigators.

You my readers are welcome to pass on this blog entry to your local news press to expand awareness. If your so moved to do so if this "Gem of Opportunity" innovative concept has piqued your overall interest. Thank you for the help.

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