Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Desire To Be Like God"

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It seems I'm back to posting here once a week versus two to three times a week. So goes the ebb and flow of my on goings in my daily life.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" statement is on the topic of Desires generally speaking. How it activates our senses as people and how in a spiritual sense aids in our personal definition of ourselves. For better or worse our desires becomes informed because of our intentions in life. Whether such choices are warranted or not, be they driven by common sense or an aspiration that seems to elude us in this lifetime. Nonetheless, it may very well be the "Spirit of God" seeking expression through our very spiritual and human being. How we fashion this limited human free will is a gift back to ourselves and God simultaneously.

This "Jewels of Truth" statement is in the series of #1710 written originally back in the middle of April of this year. Please find it intriguing, if not otherwise helps you question the reality of your desires. Enjoy.



1710)  We are the culmination of our desires, intentions, and of our own needs. Yet why are we so driven to capture the genie or divine spark burning so brightly during our lifetimes? We pursue our desires like a fool chasing a butterfly with a net. Perhaps the butterfly like our desires is meant to roam freely without captivity. Is it to be victorious over our own lives when we seem to lack sufficient control of the uncontrollable? Do we seek to rule our lives to the point of complete dominion only to be humbled to the contrary.

The reason we are truly made in the "Image and Likeness" of God. It is in part because we desire to create like a god. Be it things of beauty, function, truth, and of a living power that can exceed our very own comprehension. We dare to master life, when it is life that has mastered us by our own unwitting volition. Yet our Immortal Divine Spirit finds us wanting when we should be complete in the very presence of God. We wander as people seeking a truth or a promise to set us ultimately free. Although what we seek ardently or ruthlessly we already possess in the "Holy Spirit". Only by surrendering to such a greater spiritual awareness can we find our truest essence as manifested as us right now.

Life begets life abundantly be it the realms of the living or of the dead. A generosity that knows no bounds as a pure neutrality that offers Infinite goodness or evil. Depending on our wishes to make real what was only an intention just before in our mind's eye. On this Earth we are both good and evil as people. Trying to scale the pinnacle that is the very essence of God himself some finding success many more that do not. Although failure to do so is even a grace unto itself. For a God of absolute Love makes a gift out of seeking the impossible leaving us not empty handed. Every generation of people that are born like the waves reaching the beach. Must find their own expression within a lifetime, some are bolder than others. How we define ourselves individually and collectively may very well set the tone of our lives and of our world to come. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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