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Gun Ownership Regulation Concept: "Regulation of Gun Ownership by Law Enforcement"

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I do not own any personal firearms but as a tween I did go practice shooting with my father decades ago. I shot a variety of handguns and a couple of rifle models. Such as the: M1 rifle, 256 Caliber rifle, 256 Caliber pistol, 38 revolver, 357 Magnum, and a Walter PPK. So I have handled a firearm just its been decades ago.

When mentioning gun ownership of personal firearms in America its almost asking for trouble. Entering the deep end of the swimming pool of controversy where as a polarized issue hardly no middle ground exists. Those abroad reading my blog will think Americans are ludicrous for having personal firearms. To a point I would agree with you although America was born out of a bloody revolution historically. Besides expanded its borders to the south in the 19th century in a war with Mexico as well. When such a responsibility of gun ownership gets enshrined into one's Federal Constitution as a Republic its there for keeps.

In such a mindset my concept for legislators and/or law enforcement who deal with such issues on a daily basis. Is to weigh into the moderate ground which only a foothold barely exists. I say keep your personal firearms but prove it that your responsible in using and maintaining them. Otherwise just saying so means a hill of beans in this society of bureaucracy and red tape.

The "Regulation of Gun Ownership by Law Enforcement" is intended to be modeled after how Americans are certified by license to drive any sort of vehicle class on our thoroughfares. Meaning how driving a vehicle is a privilege in America versus gun ownership is a Constitutional right. Well if a privilege gets all sorts of competency testing and proof of vehicle maintenance. Than how much more should a Right in Gun Ownership should receive competency testing and proof of personal firearm maintenance? If its good enough for your car its good enough for your collection of firearms. Like they say guns don't kill people, well neither do cars kill people, but that shit still happens. When fatal accidents occur on the roads or someone pulls the trigger aiming in your general direction. For those who are my International readers yes it's an absurd phrase we sometimes use in America. That guns don't kill people, common sense speaks loudly otherwise.

When being pulled over by police for a vehicular infraction such as: a wrongful turn during a red light, speeding past an intersection with traffic lights or stop signs, a broken or poorly lit tail light, excessive pollution out of a vehicle's exhaust, openly playing one's stereo music player obscenely high, DUI (Driving Under the Influence), and improper or missing license tags. These are various examples law enforcement have to deal with across America if not the world with countries with a robust system of the rule of law.

During a routine traffic stop most police will ask the driver or passengers if a firearm is on board. If so, to only point where the weapon is located and not to reach for it themselves. Where the police officer asks the gun owner to display their permit to carry a firearm be it openly or concealed.

Now I would like to list a 6 Point Infraction System similar to a point system for poor drivers in America. These are possible infractions for owners of personal firearms that mishandle their weapon out in public. Similar to the aforementioned traffic stop where if a weapon is present as declared by a driver or passenger. They can be screened by a police officer for the following potential infractions listed below.

1) Is the declared firearm be it a handgun or rifle in good visual maintenance? Removing the ammunition if loaded and possibly dismantling and reassembling the firearm by the police officer to inspect it for good maintenance practice.

2) When the firearm be it a handgun or rifle when handed over to the police officer by the gun owner for visual inspection. Is the firearm in its Safety Lock position? If not that's an infraction when its being carried or stored.

3) Does the firearm have the right type of ammunition for its caliber? How much ammunition is being carried overall? (There can be a quota on how much ammo is enough to being carried out in public) Is the ammunition regular use or of an illegal variant such as cop killer armor piercing rounds?

4) Does the firearm have a pre-existing round already cocked into the firing chamber? Be it a handgun or pump action shot gun that can be an infraction. Having a readied firearm is one thing, but having it ready for a pre-emptive strike is another.

5) Does the firearm have a scratched off serial number? If so in today's current laws this is an automatic forfeiture of the weapon in question. Besides a potential felony if the weapon was used in the commission of a crime when its tested at ballistics.

6) Is the firearm be it a handgun or rifle fully loaded or is it unloaded when handed to a police officer for a visual inspection?

A) It could be required by law that all firearms carried by citizens must remain unloaded. If in jeopardy of self-defense a magazine clip handgun is easy enough to load. If not a replacement speed loader for a revolver handgun can be carried on a holster. If a gun owner quibbles about loading a weapon manually than perhaps they have no core competency in handling one.

B) If an incident of a weapon being discharged at your residence or place of commercial business occurs. Such as a probable cause for law enforcement to arrive on such a locale in an emergency. Once an area is secured when firearms are discharged to check if the weapon was properly secured. Especially if a child gets a hold of a firearm and decides to play with it. Whether a fatality or not was caused that the weapon had a safety lock by a secure case and subsequently if it was properly maintained.

American's have the full right to gun ownership and to carry it on their persons with a gun permit issued by the State. However no where does it state that the weapon must be fully loaded. Yes, have the proper ammunition on hand for a quick manual loading and reloading. Be it in self-defense, or in recreational activities such as at a gun range or hunting on a game reserve. Still an unloaded gun out in public is a safer gun until that is danger is encountered then load it.

This comes to another requirement that all gun owners should pass a certification process that is part a written exam and a field testing at a sanctioned gun range. Just like passing a drivers license written exam and a drivers test in a test drive is required by law before a vehicle class license is issued. It should be no different that all New gun owners and those seeking to Renew their carrying permits. Will be required to pass a written exam and show core competency of handling a personal firearm. At a sanctioned gun range for certification to receive a permit. 

If this is required by law to have the privilege to drive a vehicle in America. Then it should be a necessity for those that have the right to gun ownership. To display competency in handling and maintaining a personal firearm be it a handgun or rifle. That's plain enough. To argue otherwise is to promote another double standard in our laws if not society at large.

I'm not against firearms for responsible citizens in America. I am against a trade lobby in America disguising itself as a citizens organization but all the while pushing the agenda of gun manufacturers. This concept will help ensure citizens know how to use their personal firearms for self-dense and for recreational purposes. That isn't a bad thing after all. Since right now its more a system of faith based on reputation than actual proof. Otherwise it's a crap shoot (pun intended) that gun toting citizens are responsible with their firearms or not.

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