Thursday, June 05, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Statement: "A Righteous Forgiveness Like No Other"

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It almost seemed I wasn't going to post this week, not so. The posting entries schedule usually works out more so for my International readers since I'm a night owl at heart. I work best in the late evening to early morning hours in my timezone which is EST (eastern standard time) here in Florida.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is numbered #1734 in the series written in late May of this year. It's on the topic of Forgiveness. A forgiveness that explains its intent somewhat better than in the Christian New Testament in the "Book of Luke" chapter 6 verse 27-29. Albeit I have 2 longhand pages to describe the sentiment in sheer practice.

Right now I'm also struggling with forgiveness of self. I'm entering my middle age as a person and have become contemplative of some of my assorted issues of shame and guilt as a man. Self-Forgiveness offered up with compassion without personal recriminations is how to best serve it up to oneself. The rest belongs to the "Holy Spirit" within us all. With thankful tears of relief and a humble gratitude in living kindly so.

So enjoy today's statement on Forgiveness and remember to love without conditions. Be it the essence of self-worth and of loving your neighbor as yourself. For the very essence of our souls is the Light of God as Love itself. To exchange love is to share God with all manner of life.



1734)  To turn the other cheek as it states in the holy "Book of Luke" chapter 6 verse 27-29 in the Christian New Testament. Does not mean to literally allow yourselves to be harmed in physical abuse from another person. This metaphor means to turn the other spiritual cheek with an atonement of forgiveness. To turn any harm done unto you or by you personally unto another person or creature. With the power of God's love acted through a sacred forgiveness. Never should a heart despair from want from the very relief of a well intentioned mercy known as forgiveness itself. As you offer mercy to another or compassion to your own being. Know full and well that you are acting in accord to the supreme "Will of God".

As "Jesus the Christ" proclaims it is my "Father's Good Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom of God". (Luke 12:32) Means nothing more but to be of a heavenly nature on an unconditional basis. Do not begrudge your neighbor of his or her own good by withdrawing your willful forgiveness. Live in kindness as you do unto others it is done unto you according to your own personal standards. Pay no mind to your fellow brother or sister in their own bad behavior. Unless it stalls your own grace from developing in life. We can rescue only the closest ones within our reach and only by their own self-directed permission. To forgive doesn't mean to toss out the hard won lesson they taught you by means of your hardship. It means to surrender unconditionally the pain only to replace it with God's healing Love for You. That is all truly I say you who keep the "Word of God" in your heart and upon your faithful minds.

Act with conviction in such a blessed truth and your love of life will always be complete. Be true with humility for this meekness with forgiveness affords you always a peace of mind. Yes, to forgive means to surrender your grievances no matter if you hold the high ground or not. It signifies a soul willing to change for the better in worship to God and the Holy Compassionate Truth. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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