Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Statement: "Awaken to The Ancient One Once More"

Hello All,

I hope the weather is hospitable where your at in the world at large. Here in south west Florida we're entering the rainy season with frequent thunderstorms. Since the State of Florida is the capital of lighting strikes across our country.

Life may seem to occur with random thunder strikes into our personal lives. Often these strikes of nature itself clash with our goodwill and sense of well being. How we respond will not only heal the circumstance but in many ways define us as human beings. We can panic and throw up our hands by wailing woe is me! Or we can have a moment of grief privately and than wipe away the tears by carrying onward. Everyone lives their lives at their own pace, especially as it concerns your own personal lives. Forcing yourself to live by someone's own standards other than your own is begging for heartache if not misery.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement was written in late March of this year. On the topic to Awaken to your own divine potential. How such a union with God is compromised in a sentiment of a co-mingling of his supreme essence with that of our own. To live in faith in such an awakening where we can begin anew our immortal progress from our last reincarnation. This statement is #1693 in the series.




1693)  My soul stirs for thee my dearest God(dess). I shall seek only your glory plainly so and not my own in living a well seasoned life. All of our souls stir for thee my God for we know not why? We are here to give witness before your supreme testimony of the marvels of Creation. We take our place alongside you in the manifested Heavens according to the needs our spiritual heritage calls for in truthful simplicity. Our essence takes form all around us in unity to your power oh God. We are not ready unless we choose to awaken from the script of our self induced mortal lives. Until then we languish recognizing our feeble gestures in becoming giants in our own lifetimes. We fail and we sometimes succeed only for a generation or two of a mortals birth.

By our human conditional free will can we fathom our spiritual unconditional free will by your decree dear God(dess). As we stir as mortals in a life without complete expression of your glory. We cry out to the world for meaning and purpose to what is our truth alone. Not until we welcome by self-discovery within our young minds and hearts. Can we begin our generous eternal sojourn anew as immortal souls. To continue where we have left off in Heaven as spirits made in your likeness and beauty.

We welcome this opportunity to love anew, to serve each other anew, to grow our well meaning being anew, and the greatest of these is to love you deeply our God in your majestic peace. We recall our beloved home is within your perfect essence wherever it resides in Creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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