Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "A Paradise Like No Other"

Hello All,

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is numbered #1695 in the series. Written just a few days ago in early April of this year. The topic is on an all inclusive Heaven where religion or lack there of matters not to God as the guarantor of grace. In the celestial Light what matters is goodness as a expression of sheer benevolence no matter where it is found in principle and in action. Thus even the dumb founded atheist or agnostic newly reborn into spiritual essence that has lived a noble life. Has loved deeply even if it was as a humanist, the environment, and the welfare of other creatures. Is hallmarked for the divine in all forms.

Thus today's statement stretches out to the balance between righteousness and the total regard of dignity for all. Discipline is warranted, but not as a waving hammer of wrath upon the innocent and the guilty alike.

So enjoy today's statement even if you disagree with portions of it or all of it entirely. I greet you my spiritual siblings in peace.



1695)  In Heaven there is no ideology, no philosophy, and no religion of any kind. God the Creator our own Holy Supreme presence is all there is in truth, and that is beyond enough. For the aspirations of humanity as sentient beings to dominant each other and subdue the Earth itself. With technology is considered from the grand truth to be an early fallacy in evolution. To progress with dignity for all Life plural no matter the original genesis of species is valued above all else. Even the self-aware mind in its primal form has a lust for power to subjugate the weaker in all forms in order to maximize efforts for limited success. Such a behavioral doctrine is a misplaced vestige of a by gone age of personal development. It mimics more so the spawn of the hell driven horde than those who genuinely profess to worship God in truth, beauty, and the divine in totality.

This is not to say that respectful self policing isn't in order. For even the most god like Angels in Heaven live by a code of honor, justice, and conduct according to the "Will of God". With true power comes the proper use in measured doses of responsibility to oneself and the masses. Otherwise chaos ensues versus orderly progress for the sake of peace be it achieved intentionally or accidentally by being true to one's calling.

Heaven guarantee's dignity for all who are good in nature irrespective of mentality in the realm of forms in Creation. The beneficial Light is a self expressive conduct for the well intentioned mortal beings. By which in turn attracts truly the Celestial Light of divine spirits. As a unified force none should dare to interfere with in united harmony. To do so denotes either plain stupidity or lack of self-worth by the offending spirits that would otherwise end up as mere fodder in the pits of hell.

All goes in hand in precision for Heaven as the celestial firmament to impact the balance of lifetimes. For the mortals and the immortals alike as either individual entities or the grand macro phenomenal children of God as the principled forces of Life itself. What is perfect in the divine spirit is excellent for the mortal regard of success. Only in a noble love for an abundant life can all souls inherit Heaven as a spiritual essence. Into this form of being there is very much a consensus for all human life on Earth to proceed in wellness for the sake of longevity. Be still and relish such a truth in your divine mind's eye. With a humble obedience to benevolence can the very fiber of the Heavens have an impact on you personally. When you welcome by your freely willed permission for unconditional Love to stretch its arms around your lives. Allowing for remarkable blessings, wonderful graces, and stupendous miracles to become common versus only once in a lifetime extraordinary occurrences. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas aka Atrayo.

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