Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "To Be Reborn Once More With God"

Hello All,

A Happy Blessed Easter to all Christians around the globe. Besides a hearty celebration of Passover that will be concluding in two days for the Jews.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of "Being". As in a Divine or Spiritual Being as a spiritual form of the soul itself. This statement is #1705 in the series written about eleven days ago or so originally. Today's topic merely focuses on Being hood as an entity of the "Holy Spirit" we all are in a macro sense belong in origin to and with God. No matter our faith tradition on this Earth be it spiritual, religious, or a divine inspired philosophy. We are with God and God is with us. Whether there be sanctified intercessors as avatars or prophets in a faith tradition we are all one in the essence of God himself.

So please enjoy in reflecting on today's topic since in truth I didn't write it in reminder of the famous English playwright "Shakespeare". It just accidentally happened that way in regarding of the phrase of "To Be" in all innocence. Still it doesn't detract in the least as you'll soon find out with this spiritual wisdom statement. Enjoy as always.



1705) Many throughout the ages have asked Why are we experiencing life itself? Many more have given plausible answers and others yet still have remained clueless in their responses. Our existence can be a blessing or a curse depending on how we treat our perceptions. By how we live in our shared environments on this planet Earth.

The predominant classical response is varied but for simplicities sake we came "To Be" once more. The "I Am" wanted "To Be" once more in Creation as a whole expression of life plural. In such a being that it may come to know itself / himself / herself through its fellow creations represented in the multiplicity of the totality of life itself. "To Be" the "I Am" is the simplest answer. Yet "To Be" the "I Am" we are not the whole expression known as God(dess) in humanity alone. We are just a spiritual speck of the whole essence of God.

So in order to rejoin with the whole "I Am that I Am" as revealed to the "Prophet Moses" peace be upon him. We must seek like elements of his benevolent almighty "Divine Will". According to his majestic and generous life affirming role to remind us of his eternal glory in truth. We who adore God by the holy sanctity of such a timeless truth must ensure for all generations to follow. To facilitate such a beauty for the sake of developing past our ill conceived fragmented human identities alone as living eternal souls. So as to recall our supreme unity with the Divine totality of it all in the whole "I Am" in order "To Be" again.

The best recourse we can use "To Be" again is to express our purest nature as unconditional Love itself in its truest essence. So we Love in dignity one another, we serve respectfully one another within the limits of our human mortality. We continue to become self-aware in compassionate understanding of good and of evil in the world. We seek wisdom and knowledge to live fuller lives in order to better ourselves as we each individually and collectively see fit. We harm no one, especially ourselves in the course of our existence as mortal beings. We continue to worship God(dess) by whatever faith tradition that gives us the most joy and sustenance as living people and as truly dynamic souls in God.

By these few ideals we welcome our chances to promote a richer environment for the willing that seek to live in harmony with the "I Am that I Am". Any rules, regulations, laws, and by laws are only meant as a means to find such an expression for an optimal function of communal or societal peace in an imperfect world. Self policing or discipline is a necessary practice in order to enshrine a safer place for all with restraint for the agents of justice. Otherwise abuse or inflated ego's will lead the innocent away from true being in finding expression of God in our own combined lives. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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