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Lakota Sioux In "Pine Ridge & Standing Rock Reservations" In South Dakota Freezing To Death, Donations Needed Urgently!

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I usually don't make blog posts like this here at "Atrayo's Oracle". However since I have supported in my own small way the non profit "Changing Winds" (Link) in past Winter Warmth Fund Drives. I was very concerned when I received an email alert from their Director of Changing Winds "Ms. Christine Rose" of one casualty thus far with more expected to happen on Sioux reservation lands.

Here's is an article dated Feb. 6th 2014 of a recent fatality at the Standing Rock Reservation as reported by the staff at "Indian Country Total Media Network".

Standing Rock Sioux Woman Dies During Propane Shortage in Sub-Zero Temperatures (Link)

A Standing Rock Sioux member died from hypothermia, authorities believe, due to lack of heat during a propane shortage that recently prompted the tribe to declare a state of emergency. Nearly 90 percent of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation’s residents use propane to heat their homes, reported

Down below I'll repeat in its entirety the email alert I received from the Director of "Changing Winds" Ms. Christine Rose.

Well, it's been a while since Changing Winds put out a call for an urgent situation.  Click Here for a story about how this situation is effecting the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota, and the same is true for Pine Ridge  We have received a request from Pine Ridge to send electric heaters.

Right now the heating situation on the reservations in SD  can be called DIRE.  It has been in tens and more below freezing for much of this winter and although there has not been a lot of snow there, there has been too much in other areas to get the propane trucks out to SD.  This has resulted in a shortage and much higher prices for propane fuel, which heats the reservations homes. 

Beyond that, for the last 8 years, Citgo has given a heating fuel grant to Pine Ridge, and so far that grant has not arrived.  It usually arrives in November.  While Citgo denies they are cutting the reservations off, they have promised me a statement all week, which has never arrived.  Clearly they do not want any media involved.

The reservations are now faced with only about $200 per household for heat for the remainder of the winter.  The only affordable answer is electric heaters.

As you may know, I was a reporter for Native Sun in Rapid City and currently for Indian Country Today.  I have been trying to get an answer from Citgo for one week, and I don't want to wait any longer just to get the story. Let's get some heat out there!!!

Changing Winds still maintains the 501 C 3 tax deductible status, and we did receive a few donations this winter enabling Changing Winds to purchase brand new shoes, socks and underwear for 100 kids.  We also purchased resources for the BEAR Program, a teen run anti-suicide group in Pine Ridge.  With what we have left, we will also be purchase heaters.  We have $250 left, which will not go far.  Want to help out?  

Make a payment at, to OR purchase heaters and send to: Paul Iron Cloud
Oglala Sioux Tribe Housing Authority
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

(I can't find a better address than that.  You could add, "Near the Sue Ann Big Crow building" )

The request for heaters has come from a member of the Pine Ridge Tribal Council, a grandmother and a wonderful woman I have known for many years, she has been an activist for many years and always works hard for the children and elders. 

So lets get this show on the road.  You in?

Yours truly,
Christine Rose

Anything you can afford would be deeply appreciated in regards to a donation. If a donation isn't possible than please Pray that the sanctity of their spirits stay warm in this unheard of Winter 2014 season.

Thank you for your support be it spiritually or financially during this period of dire need.

Vaya con Dios ye Amor. (Go with God and Love)

Namaste, Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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