Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Awakened To Illuminated Healing With The Angels"

Hello All,

Today I'll be sharing what you've come to expect although the source being my Spirit Guides and/or Teachers as the Angels. Since my writings wouldn't ring true to the spiritually minded if all I did was write from my false ego. I write by subjugating my ego allowing my spirit entity to lead by intuition. The result is what is called "Automatic Writing" technique as a psychic ability for writers. Be a writer spiritually minded or not, believe they have a psychic ability or not, the results are equally the same. As writers of all genres often state the book wrote itself as something they don't understand took a hold of them and just wrote the material. Be this Kismet or channeling from a neophytes perspective without understanding truly the holy spiritual psychic phenomena at work. It is in "Oneness" in all as the same result.

Today's spiritual wisdom statement didn't start off as a statement at all in my collection of notebooks. It rather began as one of my many channeled journal entries on the topic of Angelic Meta Physics in early May 2010. Using the example from the Biblical New Testament in how "Jesus Christ" healed the sick with miracles. Let's just say the soul is both as an individual entity and plugged into the meta network that is God's being. Has immense power to perform wonders if properly understood as a dynamic tool or ethereal soulful muscle.

So please sit back and enjoy the channeled material whether you agree with it or not. May it overall expand the horizons of your mind in faith. Amen.


As "Jesus the Christ" healed another person during the course of his evangelical ministry on Earth be he a Prophet and/or a Savior. Miraculous acts of tremendous importance to the world to come was left readily apparent for all. Be it if we exceed or greatly fail to achieve similar results it is up to us as stated in the "Book of John" chapter 14 verse 12. I quote: "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." We are all spiritual Beacons of living illuminated Infinite Holy Sacred Light. Just like the Angels and certainly in the Image and Likeness of God(dess).

What does such a spiritual light mean in and through us and around us constantly? It means its the source energy or the very fiber of God's meta-being like we're swimming in the soup of life in spirit. Often such a Source Energy is called Absolute Love for it is life affirming. It purifies all intelligently so, it amplifies and we are the antenna's spreading the holy radio signals across the infinite spectrum beyond us further out into Creation as a whole. Such a "Holy Light" continually gives us a Baptism as we love without conditions, as we forgive each other without conditions, as we pray, as we meditate, as we contemplate on the source of life in the spiritual sense of the very "Word of God".

The Angels behave similarly for their very soul entities shine down upon us like Flood Lights illuminating our sacred incarnations. For all life is predetermined by God there are no mistakes! Everything has a meaning and a purpose even if we fail to understand. That is faith in the divine, that is truth in essence and practice come alive in us. The Angels illuminate like a focal point upon us and we affectionately call them our Guardians Angels for the practice. The Beacons as the very essence of the Angels only takes hold when we sync up with their own vibration akin to one or more mirrors casting light onward in unison. Much like a reflector array of solar panels capturing light to generate electricity to power our homes and our lives verily I say.

We are in the Holy Spirit living Diamonds if we choose to awaken our innate calling in life. Otherwise we choose to remain dormant crystallized within chunks of coal like any diamond awaiting to gestate into its apex form of stone. Our brilliance is not only our own for it is truly the "Spirit of God" reflecting back at us. How this spiritual brilliance shines is like a kaleidoscope of life nourishing energy much like any Star in a solar system. The principles are similar but the scale is infinite and eternal in profuse application.

So to recap as Christ healed by miracles he utilized the very "Spirit of God" which is Unconditional Love. Like any Angel the very spirit that was "Jesus the Christ" to shine like a floodlight beacon upon the sick or diseased. To restore and heal them back to a holistic nature in being alive. As God would intend for all his children in his "Holy Spirit" or to erase the dichotomy that exists amongst us mortals here on Earth. Be these miracles accomplished instantaneously as made possible by Christ. Or as the Angels give all too generously all at once or across an entire lifetime just to make the journey that much richer in full remembrance to the blessed.

It is our birthright if not more over a duty for the faithful in benevolence without coercion nor violence. To renew for every generation of humanity the "Kingdom of God" wherever we may exist. As living dynamic souls in the Image and Likeness of God the Majestic Creator. It is our perpetual mandate not just for humanity, but for all creatures be they self-aware or god like in being. For this is the "Will of God" as has been decreed. Hallelujah!   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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