Sunday, February 09, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Lovers Way"

Hello All,

As "Saint Valentine's Day" is only five days away from us now. I wanted to share a spiritual wisdom statement I wrote back in early January. On the topic of Lovers in maintaining a relationship full of grace. That's the Ideal, however we all so frequently snap at those we would often go to the ends of the Earth for in tribulations. For those stating I love my partner, but not in such a selfless manner. Well you have what you have in each other by how your willing to build each other up with adoration and hopefully respect for one another.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" statement in the series is at #1643 for those keeping count again written in early January of this New Year. Enjoy. :o)



1643)  All lovers be they romantic partners to fully married spouses have found the everlasting treasure in each other. Only with an ongoing investment into the intimate identity of their partner. Can they ever hope to find a love that transcends time itself. All things that life offers abundantly can be found as a time capsule between lovers over the course of a sincere devoted relationship. What the heart fails to address the mind wrestles in hardship to comprehend its boundless intricacies. Mature expectations and acceptance in your partner affords you both the grace of respecting the other with a mutual dignity. A romance where one takes all emotionally and gives very little in return is doomed to complete failure. Only when lovers give without ceasing to each other in moderation can the romance blossom to become fully remarkable.

Honesty with open lines of communication avoiding bottlenecks or break downs in speaking to the other directly. Will assure understanding for those you love. Allowing for a conditional privacy for your partner will respect their need for personal space. Avoiding issues of dysfunctional co-dependency of being always in each others business. Frustrating jealously is unhealthy for it leads to paranoia and petty arguments that can kill any relationship. Humor in good taste is an elixir of sanity in both the good times and certainly in overcoming the bad ones. Play is not to be forgotten be it in shared hobbies and with the beauty of sex when you truly adore your lover. Romance isn't just the animal attraction it transcends easily into the spiritual when two souls become one in essence.

If arguments persists find peace with compromise without rehashing old psychological wounds. No One Wins when Terror is used to justify your ends in behavior. All things of value are to be shared equally based on Need before wants. Forgiveness with patience is key when obstacles must be ironed out together. Forgiveness with resentments is a shallow act indeed forget not the lesson learned, but truly surrender it in spirit always.

When married lovers with in-laws as relatives are both a life saver and an annoyance if they fail to respect your lover. Live your lives in union independent of your in-laws if they prove troublesome rather than helpful. For to love a parent is kin to loving God in his "Holy Spirit". So it is for a parent to know their place in order for their child to live their own lives in truth and cherished dignity.

The most treasured romance is the one where you fall in love all over again. Many years after the first time where this spells the conviction that you truly have your soul mate in your life. Truly love is meant to be lived unconditionally, but practiced with moderation in all the blessed things. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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