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Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

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What a Winter season its been thus far at least here in America with blasts of freezing snow, sleet, and rain. What they're coining as a polar vortex or polar blast in this hyper Winter season. However I'm experiencing very little of it since I reside here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

What's happening to our world the Earth be it man made or natural meteorological phenomena makes very little difference right now. Right now what matters is how as a human civilization will we cope together as a species. Or become perpetual victims of the effects of macro weather systems. We can mitigate the weather to a minority degree with better infrastructure so our cities and into our neighborhoods doesn't collapse like a house of cards. The old modality of building public areas and all sorts of structures (residential / commercial) needs a 21st century and beyond facelift. Including avoiding altogether in building in potential hazard zones which is tempting the fates to bull doze your dwellings.

Just a thought since America's infrastructure is showing its age unlike China that is going through its own revival like we did in the 1950's. Perhaps in 60 years China will have the difficulty we're having right now. In under funding through lack of will power, leadership, and vision to create a safer and friendly society.

Today's trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of: Imagination, the Soul, and our Divinity. In the series #1030-1032 written in late April into early May 2010.

Enjoy the material as I have in writing and sharing it here today for the benefit of the many in the One we adore in Spirit. Amen.



1030)  Our sense of Imagination is not just a perceived function of the mind as a by product of disassociated thinking. Be it in sleeping or focused dreams, problem solving, brain storming, contemplating, and certainly using day dreaming as idle exploration of our greatest whims. Truly I say to you that our Imagination as a faculty of the mind is an extension of the sense's of our soul as a "Child of God". It is imperative to understand these meta-physical influences upon our spirits in order we may in partnership with the "Holy Spirit". Overcome our habitual tendencies to become victims as ineffectual people in dealing with our very own lives.

Our Imagination in conjunction as a people or in a greater sense as a living and very dynamic society. At large must understand our greatest contributions together reflects well on our collective divinity as it is the very nature of God to create. In exploring who we are as individuals from cultural groups into regional hosts we utilize our greatest power when we serve one another in creating goodness for its own sake. When we dream during our nocturnal murmurs we envision life through the very senses of the spirit within us. What we have colloquially attributed as an cerebral extension of our carnal brains via the so called human mind. Is literally a duo faculty of the human body plugged into the spiritual essence of our very own spiritual beings. Flesh experiences soul, as soul experiences flesh. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1031)  All spirits as living entities be they Angelic in nature or otherwise predominant in respects to the realms they oversee. Have the greatest capacity to influence their local environs for better or for worse in how well honed they remain open or closed in living. Thus filtering akin to screening the reflective properties of the soul is of greatest importance to guard against unwarranted influences. A shield that shines so brightly that it becomes a luminous mirror or a portal into another reality. We are all in a plural sense One there is no distinctions in regards to what species we are born into as mortal incarnated beings. The squirrel has the same "Spirit of God" as does a man or a woman there is never any sort of division in the macro sense.

We are conduits to both life and death if we so choose where we wish to remain aligned in Spirit. Our metaphoric shield as the living soul is our greatest asset since it is endowed with the very "Spirit of God". Anointed with eternal life for those that beam with heavenly light into their very mortal lives. And the opposite is true for the accursed souls of the nether realms as well. Our souls are portals as doorways not to an afterlife for there is no after a life it is all a continuum like one circular umbilical cord. How we interact with each other is a portent in how we interact with God as him or her self in the "Holy Spirit".

By all means keep your souls hygienically clean in spirit as like cleaning the lens of a camera. Unwanted grime is to to be wiped continuously on an as needed basis. Forgiveness with ample opportunity to repent or correct oneself is always the hallmark of a courageous and humble spirit. With a clear lenses comes the next opportunity which is to polish yourselves into a place where you sparkle like living diamonds. According to how thoroughly you rub or polish your souls will determine how brilliant are the facets of your very lives. Leave nothing to chance if by a way of life with discipline you make the best out of what you have in order to grow and share in a spirit of thanksgiving. Amen.
                                                                                          ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1032)  All of Creation no matter the magnitude of scale will display differing characteristics upon the observer. Each civilization in our grand cosmos will be capable of different feats from others of a similar orientation be they regarded as scientific or magical in repose. To each belongs a driven zeal of performing for their own better senses be those ideals better or worse only God may judge in the ultimate scope of all things. What is fictitious to one people would not be entirely fictitious to another cluster of people as a feat of accomplishment. Be it through all manner of material undertakings such as technological innovations or other predestined forms of social engineering in terms of populated governance. By recognizing via maturity the wonders of our eternal soul within the natural world we all co-habit by sheer presence. We become witness to what can be done via the generations in terms of history.

The powers of our very souls aren't Magical they are instead rather Divine. Which is a scale of magnitude greater but not divorced from magic per say just greater yet still. Where magic requires the spoken word and earthen ingredients to cast spells. Only in Divinity requires the power of telepathic thought alone by disciplined intent to enact ones will. Magic as a sociological convention of the earliest peoples was evolved in order to conquer one's environment and one another. Then came Science which in turn sought out the very same goals albeit absent mostly of any spiritual tendencies. In order to manipulate the Earth and its people and to bend the Stars to our will alone.

All the while our sacred Divinity lays in wait acting like a steady hand with wisdom to express our inherit "Oneness" in all things. By the powers of our grace we can be like the Angels or succumb into our most hostile fears like the Daemons. Our Divinity is a holy vehicle to all forms of life in any and all combinations of existence. The choice is always ours as a people collectively and as individual spiritual entities first before we adhere to our own mortality. Will we be responsible to prosper each other into a New Earth or shall we damn ourselves into a living hell like idiots of our lesser selves?  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


For as is indicated in the law that changes not, the manner in which ye treat thy fellowman, ye are treating thy Maker. Thus each individual soul entity meets its own self and must give an account for the deeds done in the body and in the body mind. For that ye thinketh in thy heart, so are ye. ---Edgar C. Cayce. Reading 5082-1

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear. ---Romans 8:14-15

When the waves close over me, I dive down to fish for pearls. ---Masha Kaleko.

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