Friday, July 05, 2013

Where You Can Locate "Atrayo's Oracle" On The Net

Hello All,

Some of you my readers may know perhaps of only this source where I publish my works. Such as the "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series or my other passion of futuristic innovations that are solutions based in abstract summary form. Yes, that was a mouth full on the latter portion, which I call a "Gem of Opportunity". No matter I try to keep up a social media presence on a shoe string budget.

Here are the 5 places where you can find my work online:

1) Google's Blogger:

2) Tumblr:

3) Facebook Fanpage:

4) Twitter:  (My Personal Profile)

5) Google + (Plus)  (My Personal Profile)

There you have it. Some plain and simple means to locate my works on the Internet. However only here at Blogger do I have links where you can purchase Volume 1 & 2 of my spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth". Published by, also available on the "Amazon Kindle" (Lending Library Feature) and "Barnes & Nobles Nook" book reader device. ("Atrayo's Oracle", is also available on the Kindle device as a monthly blog subscription.)

Thank you for being readers and certainly enjoying my own dharma.


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