Saturday, July 06, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Revival of the Heart"

Hello All,

I seem to be writing more frequently it seems. I hope your enjoying the material at hand. Be it the spiritual wisdom all of original works of my own doing. Including those of you with a worthy curiosity and fascination of this world of ours. By means of my futurist innovative views that may provide commercial, governmental, and certainly societal opportunities.

A little spiritual and religious background on myself if I haven't made it clearly defined in my past writings. I was born Roman-Catholic which is very typical for a Hispanic family. However what the Roman Catholic Church was offering I felt was extremely antiquated if not irrational. That was my personal belief, so with any God loving child of divinity. I set out to cultivate a spiritual tradition in order to grapple my role in this one life as "Ivan Pozo-Illas". I was immensely aided by my own spiritual guardians having no idea that my devotional pursuit of spirituality. Would unravel my psychic medium gifts within my soul.

In principle my spirituality is an all inclusive benevolence. Supporting all religions and philosophies including the secular that are based upon goodness in moderation. That's it. Some will say that I stand for nothing with such a broad definition of my own faith. I say such an opinion is misguided for it encompasses the total variety of the "Kingdom of God" on this Earth. Oh the wonders my angels as spirit guides and teachers have allowed me to glimpse. This "Old Testament" verse from Isaiah 48:6 comes to mind:

"You have heard; now see all this; and will you not declare it? From this time forward I make you hear new things, hidden things that you have not known. ---Isaiah 48:6"

This is the total embodiment of "Atrayo's Oracle" given form since 2005 here on this blog site. As my dharma to give gladly with an unconditional joy in my heart. I hope for you my spiritual readers can now get a silver of an idea from where I'm coming from as a spiritual poet sage. 

My most recent "Jewels of Truth" in the series of #1506 is on the topic of "Long Suffering". Something I was just inspired to write down via my mediumship ability of automatic writing from my angels. With a Christian bent although it is something I can use right now in my life as I'm speaking.


1506) We shall wait upon the Lord God, although we shall not be idle. Our ardent faith shall be in action. Proclaiming the good news in our hearts for the Lord is here upon us in Spirit. He shall pay tribute to the weary and the down trodden. His word is the dominion of the ages according to the "Will of God".

Our lips shall sing praises and songs of joy even in the midst of our suffering. We do this not to be ignorant of our hardships. But to celebrate the grace of God(dess) upon us. If all we need do is shift our perception away from misfortunes into the promise of God's word in our lives. Let not your troubles forsake you of your own courage. Be well, have strength in the unconditional Love we all so desperately welcome into our lives.

Be at the Ready for Christ, Jesus is upon us both as our Savior and our loyal Brother for always. All the Children of the Heavens stand with us at the ready to hear our prayers in order to love them into reality. We have overcome this world through the "Holy Spirit". Awaken oh Giants your sacred Divinity! Amen.

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